Game programming in Haskell
Game programming in Haskell
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Game programming in Haskell

Last updated on 2015-06-26

About the Book

Game Programming in Haskell, predictably gives an introduction on:

  • how to write a game
  • in Haskell

It is a practical book with code examples and pointers to open source code repositories.  The aim is to get the readers to develop their own game as painlessly as possible, so that they can skip the technical hurdles and concentrate on the hard part, which is making a fun, compelling, entertaining game.

Note!: I discontinued selling this book, since I don;t have the time to edit it. Be aware that it:

  • needs editing
  • is out of date with the current Haskell Ecosystem

Peruse at your own peril :)

About the Author

Elise Huard
Elise Huard

Elise Huard is a Haskell consultant - she's been programming in various languages and on various technology stacks for the last 15 years in Brussels, Glasgow, London, and Berlin.  She has spoken in various conferences around the world.

She lives in Berlin with her husband and little daughter, and enjoys cooking, scifi, reading, tinkering and board games.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
    • Doing things the hard way
    • Haskell
    • Game
    • Aim of this book
    • Prerequisite
    • Contents
    • Thanks
  • Chapter 1: Introducing graphics with Gloss and GLFW
    • Why Gloss and GLFW
    • The Canvas
    • Gloss’ under the hood initialization
    • The Loop
    • Let’s draw something
    • What next?
  • Chapter 2: State with FRP
    • No life without state
    • FRP
    • Transform our example
    • Monsters!
    • Other modules of Elerea
    • Dynamic graphs, and levels
    • Animations
    • Ready to go
  • Chapter 3: Textures and animations
    • Textures: using images in the game
    • Bringing life to the characters
    • Animations: stop motion
    • Animations: skeletal animation and transformations
    • Advanced animation
    • The world is a bigger place: viewport
    • Nearly there
  • Chapter 4: Sound
    • Challenges
    • Let’s code
    • Advanced Sound
    • Next: Miscellanea
  • Chapter 5: Making it into a real game
    • Directory structure
    • The knight fights back
    • A full game: start screen, levels, scoring
    • Window size management
    • Next: testing
  • Chapter 6: Testing
    • Revisiting directory structure, changes to cabal file
    • Unit tests
    • QuickCheck
    • Enabling user tests: starting from a given point in the game
    • Recording the action - and replaying it
    • “Scripting” the game
    • Next: TBD
  • Appendix A: Installation on Mac
    • Homebrew
    • GLFW
    • FTGL
    • ALUT
  • Appendix B: useful tips for Haskell development
    • Sandboxes
    • Warnings
    • Linter
    • Staying up to date
    • An amazing resource

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