From Admin to DevOps
From Admin to DevOps
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From Admin to DevOps

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Last updated on 2020-04-07

About the Book

DevOps. It's one of those buzzwords that everyone wants a part of. DevOps has transformed the way many organizations build and deliver software to customers. It can help you too!

When you say 'DevOps', you can't get away from cloud computing. The cloud model natively adheres to many DevOps philosophies. Microsoft has built a cloud in Azure that rivals the biggest player in the cloud game (AWS). But many new to the DevOps way of culture, thinking and tooling don't even know where to start. If this sounds familiar, this book is for you.

Is this book for you?

This book is for anyone in IT or software engineering that wants to learn more about DevOps and, specifically, how to follow DevOps practices in Azure. Whether you're a system administrator, engineer, developer or IT manager, this book will help you understand what it takes to deliver more value to customers with DevOps using Azure.

Learn how to use popular DevOps tools

The book is split into two parts, Tools and your DevOps journey. In Part I, you will learn, hands-on, how to get started with over a dozen popular tools to establish a strong DevOps presence in your organization. These tools include:

  1. Git and GitHub
  2. Azure Boards
  3. Azure Pipelines
  4. Ansible
  5. Terraform
  6. Kubernetes
  7. Docker
  8. ...and more!

Each chapter in Part I will provide an excellent understanding of each tool and also how to use it by building a real project. Part I chapters will prepare you for what's to come in Part II.

Build a real project the DevOps way

Part II is where your DevOps journey begins. Part II is broken into milestones. This part assumes you're in your DevOps infancy and proceeds to teach you, hands-on, how to collaborate with others, build, deploy and eventually maintain a real-world application.

Part II is broken up into five primary milestones with various chapters based on a real project. Basing the entire journey from the eyes of a team and an example project, you will follow the progress of an organization to:

  1. Get buy-in from coworkers and management
  2. Implement continuous integration (CI) with GitHub and Azure DevOps
  3. Implement continuous delivery/deployment (CD) with ARM templates, Terraform and Azure Virtual Machines
  4. Learn how to monitor Azure cloud infrastructure and application with Azure Monitor and Application Insights
  5. Take DevOps tooling to the next level with Docker, Kubernetes, and serverless technologies

By the time you're done working side-by-side on a real project with the authors in Part II, you will have the skills to be successful at any DevOps project in Azure.

Come with authors, Adam Bertram and Michael Levan, as they guide you through your next DevOps journey in Azure!

About the Authors

Adam Bertram
Adam Bertram

Adam Bertram is a 20+ year veteran of IT and an experienced online business professional. He’s a consultant, Microsoft MVP, blogger, trainer, published author and content marketer for multiple technology companies. Catch up on Adam’s articles at, connect on LinkedIn, or follow him on Twitter at @adbertram.

Michael Levan
Michael Levan

Michael Levan is a tech enthusiast and engineer at heart. He is an Azure and DevOps Trainer at CBT Nuggets and the Founder & Chief Engineer at CloudDev.Engineering LLC. Michael is a blogger, public speaker, author, all-around content developer, and utterly fascinated with DevOps and Cloud Engineering. Want to see what he is up to? or Twitter @TheNJDevOpsGuy


The Book
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Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • About the Book
    • Book Outline
    • Command Line Over the GUI
    • Why Azure? Why aren’t you covering my tool?
  • About the Authors
  • Target Audience
    • You
    • Your Organization
    • Your Goals
  • Code Samples and Resources
    • The Resources GitHub Repository
    • The NoBSAzure GitHub Repository
  • Part 1 - Introduction
  • Azure from the Command Line with Cloud Shell
    • The Azure Cloud Shell
    • The Azure CLI
    • Azure PowerShell
    • Conclusion
    • Resources
  • Visual Studio Code
  • Azure Boards
    • Azure Boards: The Basics
    • Building and Organizing a Sprint
    • Summary
    • Resources
  • Git and GitHub
    • How Git and GitHub Work Together
    • Collaborating Outside of Your Team
    • Branching Basics
    • Merging Code
    • Pull Requests
    • Visual Studio Code (VS Code) + Git/GitHub
    • Building Your First Collaborative GitHub Repository
    • Summary
    • Resources
  • Azure Availability Sets
  • Infrastructure as Code
    • Infrastructure as Code
  • Azure Resource Manager (ARM) Templates
    • ARM Templates: Infrastructure as Code
    • Deploying an Azure Virtual Machine (VM)
    • Resources
  • Terraform
  • Ansible
  • Azure Load Balancers
    • The Basics of Azure Load Balancer
    • Project Conclusion
    • Resources
  • Azure Application Insights
  • Azure Monitor
  • Azure Pipelines
  • Docker
    • The Docker Engine
    • Docker Images
    • DockerFile
    • What Docker Isn’t
    • Deploying A .NET Core Container
    • Conclusion
    • Resources
  • Kubernetes
  • Part 2 - Introduction
  • Milestone 1 - DevOps Capability and Documentation Assessment
  • Milestone 2 - Continuous Integration
  • Milestone 3 - Continuous Delivery/Deployment
  • Milestone 4 - Monitoring
  • Milestone 5 - Advanced DevOps
  • Release Notes

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