Feeding His Lambs
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Feeding His Lambs

A guide for Successful Growth & Victorious Living as a newly born Christian.

About the Book

Here's what happens in your transitioned life!

This first workbook, in this series, is specifically written for the newly-born Christian converts. Links are provided to external resources and to various Bible translations from Blue Letter Bible - "... a free, searchable online program ..." - since many may not own nor have access to a Bible. I generally quote from the new King James and New American Standard Bible and will indicate otherwise when I use another translation. The external links provide supplemental information, background, and concepts to support healthy-robust Christian growth. I have incorporated several of my dad's - Rev. C. G. Gose, Th.D., D.Div. - sermons, lectures, journals, and articles throughout this entire collection. This workbook and the online course could support various Christian ministries, outreach programs, evangelists, New Membership curriculum.

What you'll learn...  

  • Guidance on Why You suffer defeat and anguish.  
  • Foundational "Instructions on Salvation" (i.e., the Soteriology Theology).  
  • Foundational "Instructions about Christ" (i.e., Christology Theology).  
  • Foundational "Instructions about Humanity" (i.e., Christian Anthropology).  
  • Knowledge about your transition from "man" into a New Creature.  
  • Guidance about your New Role in the present and future.  
  • Knowledge about your New Abilities & Responsibilities.  
  • Guidance about how to achieve an Abundant Life!  
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About the Author

Stephen Gose
Stephen Gose, PhD, D.Div., Th.D. Candidate

S. Gose graduated from Grand Canyon University with a B.A. in Religions and Music Education. He is currently a Th.D candidate pursuing a second doctorate in Theology. He has served as a licensed minister since 1972 and ordained minister since 1995. He served as a missionary to Japan. He earned the US Army Chaplains Outstanding service award in 1983. He also holds an honorary Ph.D. in Information Management Systems from a distinguished career in telecommunications. He trained 65 Bezeq Israeli Telecommunication Engineer how to install the "Internet" for Israel - as a results, 23 million Jews have acknowledge their Messiah! He has taught college-level software engineering and network security for the past 14 years.

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Reader Testimonials

Rev. Harry Sexton
Rev. Harry Sexton

Assistant Pastor, Laveen Baptist, Phoenix AZ

I found all of the concepts and arguments within the book to be scripturally and theologically accurate and believe that if a person chooses to properly utilize this book that it could be useful to a new adult believer.

Table of Contents

    • Copyrights & Distribution
    • Attribution
    • Forwards
    • About this Workbook
    • Disclosures
    • The Book’s Cover
    • This workbook is
      • NOT for folks who …
      • … for Believers in Jesus, the Christ, and Son of God.
    • What you’ll learn …
    • 1 Knowing Jesus Personally
      • 1.1 Summary
  • Your New Life Begins
    • 2 The 2nd Birth – What just happened to me?
      • 2.1 History of Humanity
      • 2.2 Deeper Dive into Christian Anthropology
      • 2.3 I didn’t “feel” anything …
      • 2.4 I did “feel” something …
      • 2.5 Spiritual Neonatus!
    • 3 Living in the Spirit
      • 3.1 Learning Our Position
      • 3.2 Deeper Dive: “Phases of Sanctification”
      • 3.3 “Planted” in Him
    • 4 Practicum: Walking by Faith
      • 4.1 Introduction:
      • 4.2 Matthew 14:22-33.
      • 4.3 Victorious Living: the Template
    • 5 The Heavenly Warfare
      • 5.1 The Armor of Light
      • 5.2 Not Fighting But Enjoying
    • 6 Summary
  • Growing in the Spirit
    • 7 Practicum: Write an Exegesis
      • 7.1 Ephesians Outline
    • 8 “Setting”, Walking, Standing
      • 8.1 Background Overview
    • 9 Being “Set”: Our Position in Christ
      • 9.1 How to be “Set” in Christ
      • 9.2 “Setting and Resting” Pattern Revealed
      • 9.3 Scope of His Finished Work
      • 9.4 God’s Fiber Optics!
      • 9.5 Being Filled
      • 9.6 Our Gracious Father
    • 10 Walking: Our Conduct in Life.
      • 10.1 Our conduct revealed
      • 10.2 Conducting our relationships
      • 10.3 Becoming ABBA’s “Shadow” Again!
      • 10.4 Living the Higher Standard
      • 10.5 Pretentious or Genuine
      • 10.6 God Can Deliver
      • 10.7 Time Compensation
      • 10.8 Discovering God’s Plan For Our Lives
    • 11 Standing: Our Attitudes in Conflict
      • 11.1 What is Spiritual Warfare?
      • 11.2 Going onto the Battlefield
      • 11.3 Combat Mentality and Mindset
      • 11.4 “In His Name”
      • 11.5 When declaring “His Name”
    • 12 Summary
  • Appendix
      • Table of Contents:
    • Bibles & New Testament
    • Bible Study Tools
    • Tools for Telling Others
    • Influential Authors
      • About Jack T. Chick — God’s Cartoonist.
      • About Watchman Nee (Nee Shu-tsu )
      • About Jessie Penn-Lewis
    • How to Care for your Spiritual Neonatus
      • Learning to Communicate.
      • Recommended Daily Spiritual Nutrition Plan
      • Recommended Spiritual Snacks between Meals (by Topics)
    • Christians = God’s Fiber Optics Channels
      • Comparing the Physical Conduit
      • Comparing the Fiber Optics Classifications
      • Problems found in Fiber Optics
    • Personal Journal & Notebook
  • Notes

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