Fait maison by Rachel Panckhurst [Leanpub PDF/iPad/Kindle]
Fait maison
Fait maison
Fait maison

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Completed on 2014-06-07

About the Book

Fait Maison. Recipes from a Kiwi in France is both a récit de vie and a voyage culinaire — a personal and culinary voyage. The author includes over 100 recipes from friends, family and colleagues, as well as her own. All are simple, delicious, quotidien or day-to-day recipes for homemade food, with a French and Mediterranean influence.

The book is enhanced by French words, expressions and lively personal snippets. It is written by a New Zealander with a long live-in experience of France, spanning more than three decades, and gives a new perspective for English speakers on international influences in cuisine.

Press: Hérault and Aude Times, May 2014; French News Online (Article by Ken Pottinger, 20/3/2014)

Comments are welcome at the Discuss this book with the author and its Readers section below, or at: https://www.facebook.com/faitmaisonrecipesfromakiwiinfrance

Selected comments from readers:

"Beautiful photos, personal stories, and luscious recipes of a New Zealand/French connection. Highly recommended." (Kirsten, New Zealand).

"This is a lovely book. Refreshing in it's simplicity, reassuring in it's authenticity. For me personally, a time travel backwards into a culture and people whom I grew to respect and love enormously.

If you never even cook a single dish - and you most certainly will because the recipes are "unfussy", no traipsing round shops looking for lots of strange ingredients, no complicated processes. You will enjoy the tried and tested family recipes, the photos, the stories.  This is France. This is how French people live, love and eat. If we can take just one leaf out of this book and apply it to our frenetic, processed food lives, we will be that much better off for doing so and so will our families." (June, Jersey).

"Gran ebook de mi queridisima amiga Rachel Panckhurst. Para los que quieran recetas deliciosas y del mundo entero, no dejen pasar la oportunidad de tener uno al alcance de la mano!!" (Renée, Argentina/France).

Readers who have bought Fait Maison so far are from: New Zealand, France, Australia, Argentina, Canada, Denmark, Jersey (Channel Islands), Switzerland, United Kingdom.

About the Author

Rachel Panckhurst
Rachel Panckhurst

New Zealander Rachel Panckhurst went to Montpellier, France, at the age of eighteen, to learn French in a one-month intensive course. Thirty-five years later, she is still there and holds dual nationality. Since 1992 she has been a maître de conferences (senior lecturer/associate professor) in French computational linguistics at the University of Montpellier.

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