ezplot: How to Easily Make… by Guangming Lang [PDF/iPad/Kindle]
ezplot: How to Easily Make ggplot2 Graphics for Data Analysis
ezplot: How to Easily Make ggplot2 Graphics for Data Analysis
ezplot: How to Easily Make ggplot2 Graphics for Data Analysis

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Completed on 2016-03-28

About the Book

About three years ago, I started a data science consulting company. Many of the projects I had involved making some kind of data visualization. Because I used R to do the analysis, I chose ggplot2 as my primary charting tool. The thing about ggplot2 is that making a generic plot is easy, but customizing and annotating it is hard. There're just two many details to remember. So at first, I did a lot of code recycling, but that was still very inefficient as I had to understand and manually change things to make old code work with new data. And as the repertoire of reusable code grew, it became a pain in the ass to find the right code for the things I wanted to do. Moreover, code recycling lead to code repetition, which caused my R script to grow long quickly, making it difficult to read.

One day, the frustration became unbearable, and I decided to make a package to change it all. The result is ezplot, which is freely available on github. I now use ezplot to make statistical charts for all my clients, and it has saved me tons of hours.

This book teaches you how to use ezplot by example. Along the way, it'll also show you how to wrangle and tidy up data. Start reading FREE sample chapters now.

About the Author

Guangming Lang
Guangming Lang

Guangming Lang is the founder and Chief Data Scientist at Cabaceo LLC. He also teaches people how to do data analysis using the R programming language at MasterR.org, where you can receive high quality training materials for free. He used to work for FICO. He has a masters degree in biostatistics from the University of Michigan and a bachelor's degree in mathematics from the New College of Florida. 


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