Score Personal Loan Applicants using R
Score Personal Loan Applicants using R
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Score Personal Loan Applicants using R

Last updated on 2015-08-05

About the Book

This book is for you if

  • you've been building scorecards using SAS or SPSS and want to do the same thing in R, or
  • you want a step-by-step guide to building and backtesting a binary classifier using logistic regression in R, or
  • you want to learn how to automate the model selection process using the best subset mehtod, or
  • you want to understand the differences amongst the 6 performance measures: Accuracy, Sensitivity, False Positive Rate, Specificity, Precision, and the F-measure, and when to use which.
  • you want to learn how to make the ROC curve and calculate the Aear Under the Curve (AUC) in R.

This book is not for you if

  • you're looking for thorough understanding of the relavent statistical theories. This is a how-to book, not a why book, though intuitive reasons are pointed out whenever possible.
  • you need to see math formulas. All formulas are presented directly in the form of R code.
  • you're looking for an introductory R book. This book doesn't explain how R works. 

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • 1. Set up
  • 2. Preliminary Analysis
    • 2.1 Clean Data
    • 2.2 Descriptive Analysis
    • 2.3 Weight of Evidence and Information Value
    • 2.4 Simple Logit Models
    • 2.5 Pre-select Predictors
    • 2.6 Correlations Amongst Predictors
  • 3. Predictive Analysis
    • 3.1 Model Selection Using the Best Subsets Algorithm
    • 3.2 Backtesting
    • 3.3 Performance Curves
    • 3.4 Cross Validation
    • 3.5 Final Model
  • Conclusion

About the Author

Guangming Lang
Guangming Lang

Guangming Lang is the founder and Chief Data Scientist at Cabaceo LLC. He also teaches people how to do data analysis using the R programming language at, where you can receive high quality training materials for free. He used to work for FICO. He has a masters degree in biostatistics from the University of Michigan and a bachelor's degree in mathematics from the New College of Florida. 


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