Evolving ASP.net Applications
Evolving ASP.net Applications
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Evolving ASP.net Applications

Last updated on 2016-01-21

About the Book

This book is a work in progress. As we write more sections we'll raise the price, but if you buy now then you'll get all this extra content for free!

We took a great example of a legacy ASP.NET and we're tearing it to pieces, fixing and improving it as we go. It's our hope that the end product will be a more stable, easier to adapt piece of software that is healthier than the original. 

At the moment the book covers

  • Initial code review of a project
  • Converting a web site to a web application
  • Updating C# dependencies
  • Updating JavaScript dependencies
  • Preventing SQL injection attacks
  • Updating authentication
  • Avoiding cross site scripting
  • Preventing sensitive information disclosure 
  • Protecting yourself from cross site scripting attacks
  • Checking redirects
  • Implementing master pages
  • Extracting JavaScript 
  • Adding new code (integrating MVC)
  • Giving the UI a facelift

About the Authors

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Evolving ASP.net Applications
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Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Getting Started - Source Control
  • Evaluating the Code
    • Third Party Components
    • Code Duplication
    • Code Organization
    • Database Access
    • Styling and Various Other Things
    • Priorities
  • Moving to a Web Application Project
    • Creating a Solution
    • Setting Up References
    • Move the Files to the Web Application
    • Generating Code-Behind Files
    • Automating Repetitive Tasks
    • Final Notes
  • Dealing with Dependencies
    • Packages
    • JavaScript Libraries
    • Logging
    • Lucene.NET
    • Going Further
    • SharpMimeTools and Pop3
    • jQuery
    • CKEditor
    • Next Steps
  • Security
    • Evaluation
    • SQL Injection
    • Password Hashing
    • Unvalidated Redirects and Forwards
    • Cross Site Scripting
    • Revealing Sensitive Data
    • Cookie Authentication
    • Authorization (Restricting Page Access)
    • Conclusion
  • Master Pages
    • Creating the Code Behind
    • Creating the Master Page
  • Styles of WebForms
    • Classic ASP
    • WebForms
    • Model View Presenter
    • Layered
    • Conclusion
  • Application Style and Layout
    • Choosing a Framework
    • Updating the login page
    • Bootstrap Theme
    • Bug List Page
    • Forms
    • Conclusion
  • Database Access
    • Generating an SQL Project
    • Adding Data
    • Generating EF Classes
    • Cleaning up EF Classes
    • Adding Navigation Properties
    • Migrating to EF
  • Updating Data Grid Components
    • The Current Approach
    • Selecting a Grid Control
    • Updating the Projects grid
    • Performance
    • Updating the Bugs Grid
    • Current Approach
    • Filtering, Sorting and Paging in SQL
    • Wrapping the existing queries
    • Adding Web API
    • Replacing the Bugs Table
    • Grid Related Functionality
    • Comparing Performance
    • Conclusion
  • JavaScript
    • Laying out the JavaScript
    • Processing JavaScript
    • Conclusion
  • Replacing the Mega Postback with Web Api
    • Adding a Web API controller
    • Model Class and Validation
    • Adding the logic
    • Supporting Client Login
    • Updating the Client
    • Conclusion

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