ES6 in Practice (Book + Video + Source Code: 15 Lectures, 59 Exercises and Solutions + Bonuses + Source Code of the Examples and Exercises)
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ES6 in Practice

The Complete Developer's Guide

About the Book

ES6 is Everywhere

Including Job Interviews and Open Source Code

ES6 comes with a lot of new features, focusing on making JavaScript more usable. Popular frameworks already come with ES6 support. More importantly, ES6 makes JavaScript more popular, which means to you that there will be more JavaScript-centric frontend and full stack positions available to you.

Above all, ES6 is fun. Allow me to show you how easy it is to use ES6. Verify that the lessons stay with you with some fun exercises.

Tell me more about my learning experience

The goal of this course is to strengthen your problem solving skills by using the new features of ES6.

You will be able to focus on the parts of JavaScript you are interested in the most. After understanding the fundamentals, you will get some exercises that let you put theory into practice. You will also have access to reference solutions that enrich your knowledge.

You will work on practical problems, not just dummy examples. Most examples were inspired by web applications I had worked on personally. This means to you that you will see real stories, real objects, and real variable names, not just another meaningless foo variable that most facilitators use when they run out of creativity.

  • Fix REAL-WORLD problems in JavaScript. Most JavaScript tutorials teach you the fundamentals, and then they leave you in front of a blank screen. Practical ES6 develops your problem solving skills, so that you will be able to get started with coding.
  • Focus on UTILITY, not edge cases. What is worse than spending money on a spiced up version of the official documentation? Wasting your time to process it, just to find out that 80% of the content does not apply to you. ES6 in Practice gives you information on getting started with a topic, and you can immediately put it into practice using the Workbook.
  • Write MAINTAINABLE code that will make you successful on the job. Stop learning how to apply hacks with JavaScript. Focus on writing understandable and maintainable code instead.

What will I learn?

  • Write compact code with Arrow Functions, Default Arguments
  • Find out why let is the new var
  • Understand and use the Class Syntax of JavaScript
  • Demistify Destructuring
  • Command arrays and functions with a variable number of arguments with the Spread Operator and Rest Parameters
  • Learn useful Object and Function Enhancements in ES6
  • Understand what Tail Call Optimization is so that you will be prepared to write efficient code
  • Meet the Symbol type and its use cases
  • Write clean loops with for..of
  • Create cool templates with Template Literals
  • Use 4 byte Unicode characters with the ES6 Extended String Support
  • Create Iterators, Iterables and Generators to master lazy evaluation and handle infinite sequences
  • Escape the Pyramid of Doom by writing proper ES6 Promises
  • Start writing and transpiling ES6 applications with Webpack and Babel
  • Master ES6 Proxies and the Reflect API
  • 18 Lessons
  • 2 Bonus Lessons on ES2016 and ES2017
  • A Bonus Lesson on creating your learning plan
  • 59 Exercises with Reference Solutions

Is ES6 in Practice good for me?

ES6 in Practice is for you if you are looking for a course that

  • helps you develop your JavaScript problem solving skills
  • helps you understand JavaScript more deeply than just scratching the surface
  • helps you get rid of Underscore/Lodash, jQuery
  • helps you prepare for the JavaScript job interview
  • takes you from knowing ES5 to ES6

If you don't have any programming experience, I discourage you from buying the course, as you will need minimal experience in JavaScript to benefit from it. You should know what variables are, what the basic types in JavaScript are, and how to write basic statements and loops.

Don't worry if you are a beginner. The first quarter of the course will give you some quick wins that you will be able to put into practice, regardless of your experience.

My goal is to make this course as approachable as possible, so if you get stuck, send an email to I will update the book regularly based on your feedback. In fact, I encourage you to shape the contents of the book with your feedback.

If you are not sure if this course is for you, I encourage you to try it out, and if you don't like it, ask for a 100% refund.

About the Author

Zsolt Nagy
Zsolt Nagy

Meet the Author

  • Zsolt uses ES6 on a daily basis as a Technical Development Lead 
  • He has a strong focus on mentoring, knowledge transfer, and facilitation over teaching 
  • Founder of and 
  • JavaScript course author on
  • He is the author of tech articles read by more than 100.000 users a year 
  • Above all, Zsolt teaches what you need, and makes sure you will know how to apply your knowledge in practice


Book + Workbook only

The book and the workbook are in the same file. The book also contains some bonuses including tech interview exercises and your professional career plan.

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  • English

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Book + Video + Source Code: 15 Lectures, 59 Exercises and Solutions + Bonuses + Source Code of the Examples and Exercises

Learn about ES6 features from a practical point of view. Understand these features in depth by solving 59 exercises in the book. Check, and learn from the reference solutions at the end of the book.

  • PDF

  • EPUB

  • WEB

  • English

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • How to download the videos
  • How to read this book
  • What’s Coming
  • Acknowledgement
  • ES6 Cheat Sheet
  • 1. Arrow Functions
  • 2. Function scope, block scope, constants
  • 3. Default Arguments
  • 4. Classes
  • 5. Destructuring
  • 6. Spread Operator and Rest Parameters
  • 7. Objects in ES6
  • 8. Tail call optimization and other function features in ES6
  • 9. Symbols: a new ES6 primitive type and its use cases
  • 10. The for-of loop
  • 11. Strings and Template Literals
  • 12. Sets, Maps, and their weak versions
  • 13. Iterators and Generators in Depth
  • 14. ES6 Promises - Escape from the Pyramid of Doom
  • 15. Configuring ES6 with Webpack
  • 16. The Reflect API
  • 17. Proxies in Practice
  • 18. Math and number extensions
  • 19. ES2016
    • The exponential operator
    • Array includes
  • 20. ES2017
    • New Object Extensions
    • New String Extensions
    • Async-Await
  • 21. ES2018
    • Spread and Rest for object properties
    • Asynchronous iterators and generators
    • Promise finally
    • ES2018 Regular expression features
    • Template Literal Revision
  • 22. ES2019
    • Object.fromEntries
    • String trimming
    • Array.prototype.flat
    • Array.prototype.flatMap
    • Optional catch binding
    • Symbol.prototype.description
    • Function.prototype.toString
    • JSON superset
  • 23. Workbook - Solutions of the Exercises
    • Arrow Functions
    • Function scope, block scope, constants
    • Default Arguments
    • Classes
    • Destructuring
    • Spread and Rest
    • Objects in ES6
    • Tail call optimization and other function features in ES6
    • Symbols
    • The for-of loop
    • Strings and Template Literals
    • Sets, Maps, and their weak versions
    • Iterators and Generators in Depth
    • Promises in ES6
    • The Reflect API
    • Proxies in Practice
  • 24. Your Final Exam: ES6 Job Interview Questions
    • Exercise 1 - Writing an Array Extension
    • Exercise 2 - Binary Gap Exercise in Codility
    • Exercise 3 - Ten JavaScript Theory Questions
    • Exercise 4 - JavaScript Theory Quiz
    • Exercise 5: Connect-4 Solver
    • Exercise 6: Binary Trees, Recursion, Tail Call Optimization in JavaScript
    • Exercise 7: Painting on an HTML5 Canvas
    • Exercise 8: Video Player
    • Exercise 9: Event Delegation in a Pomodoro App
    • Exercise 10: Pomodoro App Markup and Styling Refactoring
    • Exercise 11: Persistence with Local Storage
    • Exercise 12: Pomodoro APP to Kanban Board
    • Exercise 13: Adding Tasks to Columns
    • Exercise 14: Selecting Cards
    • Exercise 15: Drag and Dropping Cards
    • Exercise 16: Stopwatch
    • Exercise 17: Insert the Timer Module in the Pomodoro App
    • Exercise 18: Coundown Timer Integration in the Pomodoro App
    • Exercise 19: Memoization
    • Exercise 20: SQL and Map-Reduce-Filter
  • 25. Bonus chapter: Your learning plan
  • 26. Summary
  • Notes

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