Enforcing Compliant Configurations
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Enforcing Compliant Configurations

About the Book

Managing an estate of devices on the network has always been a challenge to infrastructure administrators.  In today’s world, we deal with real threats from bad actors, a multitude of ever-changing devices, and complex remote work scenarios driven by Covid-19.  Are the traditional tools like Microsoft’s Group Policy, Endpoint Manager, and PowerShell enough to manage a modern workforce?  Each of the respective tools has its pros and cons and might not sustain today’s modern workforce.  

To answer this question, our elite team of Microsoft MVPs has made a feature comparison between these three platforms and a fourth offering from our friends at 1E called Tachyon Guaranteed State.  

About the Authors

Dave Kawula
Dave Kawula

Dave is a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) with over 20 years of experience in the IT industry. His background includes data communications networks within multi-server environments, and he has led architecture teams for virtualization, System Center, Exchange, Active Directory, and Internet gateways. Very active within the Microsoft technical and consulting teams, Dave has provided deep-dive technical knowledge and subject matter expertise on various System Center and operating system topics.

Dave is well-known in the community as an evangelist for Microsoft, 1E, and Veeam technologies. Locating Dave is easy as he speaks at several conferences and sessions each year, including TechEd, Ignite, MVP Days Community Roadshow, and VeeamOn. 

Recently Dave has been honored to take on the role of Conference Co-Chair of TechMentor with fellow MVP Sami Laiho.  The lineup of speakers and attendees that have been to this conference over the past 20 years is really amazing. Come down to Redmond or Orlando in 2018 and you can meet him in person.

As the founder and Managing Principal Consultant at TriCon Elite Consulting, Dave is a leading technology expert for both local customers and large international enterprises, providing optimal guidance and methodologies to achieve and maintain an efficient infrastructure.

BLOG: www.checkyourlogs.net

Twitter: @DaveKawula

Cary Sun
Cary Sun

Cary Sun has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in data center and deployment solutions. As a Principal Consultant, he likely works closely with clients to help them design, implement, and manage their data center infrastructure and deployment strategies.

With his background in data center solutions, Cary Sun may have experience in server and storage virtualization, network design and optimization, backup and disaster recovery planning, and security and compliance management. He holds CISCO CERTIFIED INTERNETWORK EXPERT (CCIE No.4531) from 1999. Cary is also a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP), Microsoft Azure MVP, Veeam Vanguard and Cisco Champion. He is a published author with several titles, including blogs on Checkyourlogs.net, and the author of many books.

Cary is a very active blogger at checkyourlogs.net and is permanently available online for questions from the community. His passion for technology is contagious, improving everyone around him at what they do.

Blog site: https://www.checkyourlogs.net

Web site: https://carysun.com

Blog site: https://gooddealmart.com

Twitter: @SifuSun

in: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sifusun/

Amazon Author: https://Amazon.com/author/carysun

Emile Cabot
Emile Cabot

Émile is a six-time Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) who started in the industry during the mid-90s working at an ISP and designing web sites for celebrities. He has a strong background specializing in datacenter and deployment solutions, and has spent many years performing infrastructure analyses and solution implementations for organizations around the world.

Émile organizes the Calgary Microsoft User Group, blogs on CheckYourLogs.net, and has presented at several conferences, including Ignite, VeeamOn, TechMentor, TechReady, and MVPDays. 

Cristal Kawula
Cristal Kawula

Cristal Kawula is the co-founder of MVPDays Community Roadshow and #MVPHour live Twitter Chat.   She is the President of TriCon Elite Consulting where she manages the day to day operations of the field consulting and sales teams.

Cristal is also only the 2nd Woman in the world to receive the prestigious Veeam Vanguard Community excellence award.  In July of 2017 she was awarded the designation of Microsoft MVP.  

Early in her career Cristal worked as a consultant with Microsoft authoring content for internal SMSGR and GTR teams.   This content was used to train internal support engineers and global escalation engineering teams.  

Cristal can be found speaking at Microsoft Ignite, MVPDays, and other local user groups.   She is extremely active in the community and has recently helped publish a book for other Women MVP’s called Voices from the Data Platform.  


BLOG: http://www.checkyourlogs.net

Twitter: @supercristal1

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Table of Contents

About the Authors iii Dave Kawula – Microsoft MVP iii Cristal Kawula – Microsoft MVP iv Emile Cabot – Microsoft MVP v Cary Sun – Microsoft MVP vi Contents vii Introduction 15 Work from Anywhere Management 15 1 16 Group Policy 16 Overview 16 Tooling 17 Pre-Defined Configuration Items 17 Extensibility 17 Pros 17 Cons 18 Policy Engine 19 Check Rules 20 Onboarding 22 Device Status 22 Cross-Platform Support 23 Delivery of Custom Scripts 25 Ease of Use 25 Scalability 25 Reporting 26 Community Support 26 Cross-Platform Support 27 Remediation 28 Remediation Time 28 Remediation Rules 28 Detection 29 Reporting 29 Configuration 30 Cross-Platform Support 30 Administration 32 Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) 32 Interface 32 Reporting 33 Installation 34 Support 35 Industry Solutions 36 Availability 36 Customization 36 Installation 36 Support 36 Overall Evaluation 37 2 38 Azure Automation and PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC) 38 Overview 39 Tooling 40 Pre-Defined Configuration Items 41 Extensibility 43 Pros 43 Cons 44 Policy Engine 45 Check Rules 46 Onboarding 49 Device Status 51 Cross-Platform Support 51 Delivery of Custom Scripts 53 Ease of Use 53 Scalability 53 Reporting 54 Community Support 54 Cross-Platform Support 55 Remediation 57 Remediation Time 57 Remediation Rules 57 Detection 58 Reporting 58 Configuration 58 Cross-Platform Support 59 Administration 61 Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) 61 Interface 61 Reporting 61 Installation 61 Support 63 Industry Solutions 64 Availability 64 Customization 64 Templating 64 Installation 65 Support 65 Overall Evaluation 66 3 67 Endpoint Manager – Compliance Settings 67 Overview 69 Tooling 69 Pre-Defined Configuration Items 70 Extensibility 70 Pros 71 Cons 71 Policy Engine 72 Check Rules 73 Onboarding 73 Device Status 73 Cross-Platform Support 74 Delivery of Custom Scripts 75 Ease of Use 75 Scalability 75 Reporting 75 Community Support 75 Cross-Platform Support 76 Remediation 77 Remediation Time 77 Remediation Rules 77 Detection 77 Reporting 77 Configuration 78 Cross-Platform Support 78 Administration 79 Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) 79 Interface 81 Reporting 84 Installation 84 Support 84 Industry Solutions 85 Availability 85 Customization 85 Templating 85 Installation 85 Support 88 Overall Evaluation 89 4 90 1E Tachyon – Guaranteed State 90 Overview 91 Tooling 91 Pre-Defined Configuration Items 92 Extensibility 93 Pros 93 Cons 94 Policy Engine 95 Check Rules 96 Onboarding 98 Device Status 98 Cross-Platform Support 99 Delivery of Custom Scripts 101 Ease of Use 101 Scalability 103 Reporting 103 Community Support 103 Cross-Platform Support 104 Remediation 105 Remediation Time 105 Remediation Rules 105 Detection 106 Reporting 107 Configuration 108 Cross-Platform Support 109 Administration 110 Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) 110 Interface 110 Reporting 111 Installation 111 Support 112 Industry Solutions 113 Availability 113 Customization 113 Templating 114 Installation 114 Support 114 Overall Evaluation 115 5 116 Evaluation Results 116 Policy Engine 116 Delivery of Custom Scripts 120 Remediation 124 Administration 127 Industry Solutions 130 Final Summary 132

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