Efficient Rails
Efficient Rails
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Efficient Rails

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Last updated on 2016-06-22

About the Book

What's Inside?

100+ Workflow Upgrades. Each can be learned in as little as 5 minutes, but will save you hours over time.

  • Learn novel solutions to common problems in Rails apps. From the database to the view and everything in between.
  • Learn best practices for building out the frontend of your Rails application. We'll cover technologies like Sass, jQuery, Turbolinks and even React.
  • You spend lots of time in the terminal, so make sure it's time well spent! Learn how to customize your terminal for optimal efficiency.
  • Forget puts. Learn advanced bug squashing techniques to get to the root of the problem quickly and get on with your day.
  • Since Git is key part of nearly all Rails developers' workflows, we'll cover some advanced time-saving techniques that will make working with Git a breeze.
  • Writing tests for your Rails app is essential, but the process is far from painless. Learn how to get the most out of tools like RSpec, Factory Girl, Capybara and more.


A Workflow Upgrade is a way to do something you're already doing, but better. Usually, faster and with fewer steps. These upgrades will make you look feel like a superhero when that person looking over your shoulder asks "how did you do that?!"

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About the Author

Andrew Allen
Andrew Allen

Andrew is a Lead Software Engineer at Helium, a Google Ventures-backed IoT startup.

Previously, he led a team at Munchery, a Food-Tech startup, building complex culinary tools, and before that, co-founded a startup in the home and commerical security space.

A Chicago native, he currently lives in San Francisco where he enjoys hiking, drinking whiskey and playing nerdy board games.

Reader Testimonials

Jeff E.
Jeff E.

Loving the book. So cool, and really love the structure. I can't stop reading it and trying it in my terminal.

Corey M.
Corey M.

Great book - a ton of value here and clear, concise writing.

Jamie Barton
Jamie Barton


Are you a Developer? Buy this book and you will thank me forever. So much good stuff!

Table of Contents

    • Introduction
  • Part I: The Tools
    • Chapter 1: The Terminal
      • A Better Terminal
      • Zsh
      • Oh My Zsh
      • Visor
      • Global Aliases
      • Command Auto Completion
      • Autocomplete Git Branches
      • Fasd
      • Aliases for Common Rails Commands
      • Binstubs > Bundle Exec
      • Keep your Todo List in Rails
      • HTTPie > Curl
      • HTTPie Authenticated Routes
    • Chapter 2: Git
      • Git Flow
      • Git + Hub
      • Better Branch View
      • Toggle Branches
      • Don’t Use ‘git add .’
      • Prune Merged Branches
      • Oops…
      • Where did it all go wrong?
      • Ignore Whitespace
      • Change the Root of a Branch
    • Chapter 3: Rails Console
      • Setting up the Console
      • Save Frequently Used Commands
      • Inspecting ActiveRecord Collections
      • Re-Execute Commands
      • Change Rails Environments
      • Ignore Sluggish Output
      • Don’t wear out the Backspace Key
      • Reloading Models After Changing Them
      • Sandbox
      • Forgot to Save That
      • Call Private & Protected Methods
      • Pasting Multi-line Code into the Console
  • Part II: The Code
    • Chapter 4: Models
      • Enforcing Organized Models
      • Annotate
      • Eager Loading
      • Detect N+1 Queries
      • Ensuring Referential Integrity
      • Creating Relationships in Migrations
      • Adding Missing Foreign Keys
      • Preventing Missing Keys in the Future
      • Auditing User Activity
      • Counter Cache
      • Merge
      • Bulk Imports
      • Thinking outside the Model
    • Chapter 5: Controllers
      • Improving the Default Flash Messages
      • DRY up Flash Messages
      • Don’t Reveal Your IDs
      • Scope Resources by User
      • Easy Filtering
      • Go Back
      • Static Pages
    • Chapter 6: Views
      • ActiveRecord as an I18n Backend
      • Rendering Raw HTML
      • Instance Variables are the Worst
      • Decorators
      • Components and View Models
      • ERB Alternatives
    • Chapter 7: Assets
      • Noisy Assets in Development
      • Stop Writing Vendor Prefixes
      • Turbolinks is Not a Dirty Word
      • Making Turbolinks Play Nice with jQuery
      • Asynchronous Actions
      • Managing Complex State Updates
    • Chapter 8: Mailers
      • Tidying up Mailer Views
      • Ensure Test Emails Never Get Sent to Real Users
      • Validating Email Addresses
  • Part III: The Techniques
    • Chapter 9: Testing
      • Fail Fast
      • Use a Better Formatter
      • Guard
      • Only Failures
      • Tagging Specs
      • Retrying Tests
      • Measuring Test Coverage
      • Writing Specs the ‘Right’ Way
      • Should (Not)
      • Random Test Order
      • Testing with a Clean Slate
      • Mark tests as pending
      • Testing Time-Dependent Logic
      • Working with a Time-Dependent Codebase
      • Speed Up the Test Suite
    • Chapter 10: Debugging
      • Inspecting Ruby Code at Runtime
      • Walking up the Call Stack with Pry
      • Stepping Forward in Time with Pry
      • Stepping Shortcuts for Pry/Byebug
      • Exploring Objects, Methods and Variables with Pry
      • Debugging a Different Method
      • Help I’m Stuck in Pry Loop Hell!
      • Controlling When Pry Fires
      • Detailed Error Backtraces in Pry
      • Making the Best of a Bad Situation
      • Debugging APIs and Network Requests
      • Testing an API from a Real Device
      • Debugging JavaScript
      • jQuery in the Developer Tools
      • Don’t Let Debugging Statements Slip into Production
    • Revisions
  • Notes

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