Directo al Punto by Paulo Caroli et al. [Leanpub PDF/iPad/Kindle]
Directo al Punto
Directo al Punto
Directo al Punto

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Last updated on 2016-05-09

About the Book

"Construir , Medir y Aprender", como dice Steve Blank: es mucho más elaborado que poner software en producción para ver si funciona.


El movimiento Lean Startup es muy prometedor, pero para algunos desarrolladores de software que termina traduciéndose en una importante pregunta: "Sí, pero qué construir?".


No es fácil hacer frente a esta disparidad entre el significado de mínimo producto viable para los negocios y la iniciación de proyectos de software que tratan de crear un producto lean. Después de experimentar muchos estilos para iniciar proyectos de software, he documentado una receta que se ha aplicado en cientos de proyectos y ha estado trabajando muy bien. Este conjunto de prácticas y técnicas fueron documentados en este libro.

About the Authors

Paulo Caroli
Paulo Caroli

Meet Paulo Caroli , the Lean MVP and retrospective guy that's taken a unique approach to people and interactions over process and tools (first sentence from the Agile Manifesto). He thinks product creation and evolution should be based on real learnings (goodbye long projects planned on hypothetical requirements). It should be based on the minimum viable products (the fastest enabler for validated learning based on real usage). 

Principal consultant at Thoughtworks Brazil and co-founder of AgileBrazil,  Paulo Caroli has over twenty years of experience in software development, passing in various corporations in Brazil, India, USA and Latin America. In 2000, he met the Extreme Programming and since then has focused its expertise in processes and practices of Agile & Lean. He joined Thoughtworks in 2006 and held the positions of Agile Coach, Trainer and Project Manager. He received a Bachelor of Computer Science and MS in Software Engineering, both from PUC -Rio. Author of “To the point; a recipe for creating lean products”and “Fun Retrospectives; activities and ideas for making agile retrospectives more engaging”.  Read more at

María Fernanda Escudero
María Fernanda Escudero

María Fernanda (Mafer) has been working in Software Development Industry for almost 20 years, most of then as Project Leader/Project Manager/Program Manager. She has been using Fun Retrospectives (English Version) since 2013 to develop skills and capabilities in her teams for projects around South and Central America. 

She joined ThoughtWorks two years ago as a Project Manager and a couple of months ago, she was promoted to Head Of Operations for ThoughtWorks Ecuador. Despite the fact that she does not manage projects anymore, she continues using the techniques in the book to foster colaboration and facilitate learning in the office.

Freddy Coronel
Freddy Coronel

I joined Thoughtworks in 2015, as a new project manager.  I use as many tools as I can with teams to make their experience as best as possible. I enjoy sports, specially mountain biking, so you will always find me trying to climb "mountains" with my bicycle, I think this is a kind of analogy in life, work, and projects, and I enjoy every moment of them.

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