Dataflow and Reactive Programming Systems
Dataflow and Reactive Programming Systems
Dataflow and Reactive Programming Systems

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Completed on 2014-05-29

About the Book

Dataflow concepts are the heart of Reactive ProgrammingFlow-Based Programming (e.g. NoFlo), Unix pipes, Actors and message passing in general.

Dataflow-based systems are easy to design once you understand the large number of implementation details that could drastically change how the system operates. Understanding these vectors of change is important so you don’t waste your time developing the wrong system.

Embedded dataflow-like languages are used in a wide range of applications. Video games, web pages, circuit simulation and music production are just a few of the domains that have been using dataflow for years. Every one of those has a specialized dataflow engine designed for the task at hand. This book will help you understand the whole dataflow universe before starting your own system.

By the end of the book you will understand…

  • All possible design choices with dataflow-like systems
  • How their effects interplay
  • How to develop your own dataflow-like system

Public domain source code of an example dataflow system will be available in many common languages once completed (

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About the Author

Matt Carkci
Matt Carkci

Matt Carkci has a Bachelor of Science degree in Electronic Engineering and over two decades of experience developing software in C/C++, C#, Java and Haskell. He has worked for government contractors, private corporations and has started a business or two but now spends his time researching and writing about interesting technologies. All proceeds go to feeding his ravenous 80 lb. puppy that never seems to get full.

Visit his site at

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