The Modern Cryptography CookBook
The Modern Cryptography CookBook
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The Modern Cryptography CookBook

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Completed on 2018-09-02

About the Book

The Modern Cryptography CookBook :

This books covers various quick concept which you can adapt practice hands-on and explore more than 1000+ recipes which include various encryption and decryption algorithms along with other crypto related functions.

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What you will Learn

There are more than 1000+ crypto recipes. This gives you more intuitive learning on Cryptography. These crypto recipes comes handy for sysops/sysadmin/developers/devsecops/researchers for debugging and performing crypto related functions on day-to-day job or generating Idea around cryptography. Most of the practical examples used in this book is done by using openssl

  1. Encoders & Decoders
  2. URL Encode Decode
  3. Base64 Encode Decode
  4. ASCII string to hex
  5. Convert ASCII to Hex
  6. Learn Various PEM Formats 
  7. Cryptography Algorithms
  8. Symmetric Key cryptography
  9. Authenticated encryption
  10. Types of Asymmetric Key Algorithms
  11. Quantum Breakable Algorithms
  12. Quantum Secure Algorithms
  13. Cryptography Algorithms
  14. Symmetric Key cryptography
  15. Block ciphers Modes of Operation 
  16. Authenticated encryption (both encryption and message integrity)
  17. Quantum Breakable Algorithms
  18. Quantum Secure Algorithms
  19. AES (Encryption/Decryption)
  20. DES (Encryption/Decryption)
  21. 3DES (Encryption/Decryption)
  22. BlowFish(Encryption/Decryption)
  23. RC4 (Encryption/Decryption)
  24. Assymtetric Key Cryptography
  25. RSA (Encryption/Decryption)
  26. DSA (Keygen,Sign File,Verify Sig)
  27. PKI
  28. TLS v1.3
  29. ECDSA
  30. Key exchange
  31. Diffie-Hellman 
  32. Message Digests
  33. MAC (Message Authentication Codes)
  34. HMAC 
  35. Generate HMAC
  36. Secure Password Hashing 
  37. bcrypt password hash 
  38. PBKDF2 (PBE Encryption/Decryption)
  39. scrypt password hash 
  40. Crypt hash functions and limitation
  41. MD5 password generate 
  42. Generate password for /etc/password
  43. Cipher Suite
  44. Managing Certificates.(Self Sign/rootCA, create ecc,rsa,dsa certificates)
  45. SMIME
  46. GPG (Sign/verify/store,create Authentication Key )
  47. GnuPG for SSH authentication
  48. Hardening 
  49. Modern Certificates & TLS Configuration
  50. Nginx Secure Configuration ()
  51. Apache Secure Configuration
  52. HAProxy Secure Configuration
  53. AWS ELB Secure Configuration
  54. Testing HTTPS Services
  55. Openssl HTTPS Testing
  56. SSH Key Gen
  57. Java Keytool/Keystore 
  58. IPtables


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About the Author

Anish Nath
Anish Nath

My Name is Anish Nath, I work as Security Advocate for a Product company having 12+ year of IT  experience, Some times i do Perform ethical hacking through Official HackerOne & Bugcrowd Channel ,

The books that I write are a mechanism to support my own learning, I'm totally in awe of the Open Source community that has made this type of work possible.

Author of the Book

  1. The Modern Cryptography Cookbook (Leanpub)
  2. Go Lang Cryptography for Developers (Leanpub)
  3. Python Cryptography (Leanpub)
  4. Cryptography for Javascript Developer (Leanpub)
  5. Packet Analysis with Wireshark. (Packtpub),

Visit my Latest Crypto Work @

You can reach me through my twitter handle @anish2good


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  • English

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  • MOBI

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The Modern Cryptography CookBook
Cryptography for Java Script Developer
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The Modern Cryptography CookBook
Python Cryptography
Cryptography for Java Script Developer
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The Modern Cryptography CookBook
GoLang Cryptography for Developer
Python Cryptography
Cryptography for Java Script Developer
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Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • About the Book
  • About me
  • Encoders & Decoders
  • ASCII string to hex
  • PEM Formats
  • Cryptography
  • Symmetric key Cryptography
  • AES Encryption
  • DES
  • 3DES
  • BlowFish
  • RC4
  • Asymmetric Key Cryptography
  • RSA Algorithm
  • DSA
  • ElGamal
  • Quantum Cryptography
  • Managing Certificates.
  • Key exchange
  • Message Digests
  • MAC
  • HMAC
  • Secure Password Hashing
  • bcrypt
  • PBKDF2
  • scrypt
  • Crypt
  • MD5 Passwords
  • password for /etc/shadow
  • Cipher Suite
  • Applied Cryptography
  • GPG
  • S/MIME
  • Nginx Secure Configuration
  • Apache Secure Configuration
  • lighttpd Secure Configuration
  • HAProxy Secure Configuration
  • AWS ELB Secure Configuration
  • TLSv1.3
  • Testing HTTPS Services
  • SSH Key Gen
  • Java Keytool Commands
  • iptables
  • Software Bundle
  • Thanks

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