Clay Protector
Clay Protector
Clay Protector

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Last updated on 2015-04-17

About the Book

When her parents were abducted from soldiers in the dead of night, a young girl was shoved into the sanctuary of a dark cellar as a last chance at survival.

As war encroached upon her last thread of safety, she discovered a "man of stone" which was as frightening as it was mysterious.  Reading a book forbidden to her by her father, a Rabbi, the girl helped animate this humanoid form; which burst out of the cellar - embarking on a mission all its own.

Sensing no other option, the girl forced reluctantly followed the figure.  As they travel together, secrets will be unlocked and truths revealed as the girl learns the consequences of her actions...leading to an explosive conclusion as she is chased down in enemy territory.

About the Author

Matt Mesnard

Encouraged by friends and adversaries alike, this writer broke away from a strict path of screenplays and independent film to venture into the less-structured and often uncivilized world of novels and short stories.  Surviving as a writer of freelance: If you have a literary impasse, if nobody else will help; maybe you can hire Mesnard.

When not writing or working for hire, Matt can be found updating his blog [], playing his heavily-modified PSP, and encouraging other writers between projects.

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