Kindergarten Dropout
Kindergarten Dropout
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Kindergarten Dropout

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Last updated on 2013-09-12

About the Book

“Today is the best day EVER!” kept running through Kadie’s mind. Energetic and excited; ready to celebrate her last day of kindergarten. She couldn’t imagine the feeling would be squashed before the morning bell.

Who would want to spoil this bouncy-but-friendly six-year-old’s mood? Three fifth-grade bullies with nothing better to do. They taunted Kadie off-and-on throughout the school year; just as the unladylike trio did to others younger; but this time was worse. Teasing and bullying...then convincing poor Kadie she flunked: doomed to suffer the humiliation of repeating kindergarten.

Light on words. Heavy on tears. Kadie flees. Truant; she wanders sidewalks and learns about herself from those she encounters along the way.

Regretting her actions, now Kadie wants an education- even if redoing kindergarten, but can’t face the humiliation of returning. Soul-searching; she crafts a “master plan” [for age six]. Will the resolution go as hoped, or is it all to backfire and horribly embarrass Kadie?This book could be found in an elementary school library or a daring adult’s bookshelf.

[Caution: This novel contains whimsy, tangents, onomatopoeia, repeated phrases, made up words, and a kindergartner. Reader discretion is advised.]

About this work:This is the first draft of a novel I started during NaNoWriMo 2011. It was originally intended as a hybrid of Beverly Cleary and Lemony Snicket: giving sympathy to the main character and situation, but without pandering or preaching.

Kindergarten Dropout is a work flirting with literary fiction. It wasn't written to be skimmed. The concept is to be about focussing on a single character and go on a seemingly long journey with her. It should be something consumed bit-by-bit rather than consumed ravenously. Currently it's designed to have a beginning; middle; end, rather than be serialized.

My vision is to have the kind of a book someone would love to read portion-by-portion to a boy or girl - then sneak off to read ahead while the little one slept. It's quite lengthy by design…which should result on this book being a real bargain if looking at it as price-per-page.

Completion status:I really hope I am nearing the end at this point; but it's at least 70% of the way through the first draft. I haven't reviewed much of it, but I'm sure it's had at least one tone shift by now - necessitating at least one major rewrite. I'd love to guarantee complain this year, but that could be tough to pull off.

Leanpub factor:I do have an ending in mind - it just hasn't been reached yet. An audience on Leanpub could steer me towards some of the story's scope or execution, however. Should it should be one tome, or broken up somehow? Could there be a differing ebook versus the print version?

Did I hit the mark I was aiming for? I want kids and adults to like the tale - and I want to discover if people prefer the story keeps continuing chapter-to-chapter…or would they rather I keep things short and sweet in areas?

People who purchase this work will have access to all parts of it (even if I do decide to break it up in the future). People buying a copy will have contact with me to give opinions and suggestions.

Want to get a bigger free peek than what's on Leanpub? Chapters are available free at the following (for a limited time):

Thanks for any support or encouragement towards this endeavor!

Table of Contents

  • 1 Chapter One
  • 2 Chapter Two
  • 3 Chapter Two.1
  • 4 Chapter Two.2
  • 5 Chapter Three
  • 6 Chapter Three.1
  • 7 Chapter Three.2
  • 8 Chapter Three.3
  • 9 Chapter Three.4
  • 10 Chapter Three.5
  • 11 Chapter Four
  • 12 Chapter Four.1
  • 13 Chapter Four.2
  • 14 Chapter Four.3
  • 15 Chapter Four.4
  • 16 Chapter Five
  • 17 Chapter Five.05
  • 18 Chapter Six
  • 19 Chapter Six.1
  • 20 Chapter Six.2
  • 21 Chapter Seven

About the Author

Matt Mesnard

Chided for years by Chris Baty and National Public Radio, this writer broke away from a path of screenplays and independent film to venture into the less structured and often uncivilized world of novels and short stories.

Surviving as a writer of freelance: If you have a literary impasse, if nobody else will help; maybe you can find Mesnard.

Favorite things include: problem solving, rewriting/doctoring for others, music, chatting, making new friends, keeping existing friends, Star Wars, and Oxford commas.

[I write in as many genres as possible. If you haven't seen your favorite, request it.]

Links of note:

Not convinced about my writing? Have a look at some free stories.

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