Component-Based… by Stephan Hagemann et al. [PDF/iPad/Kindle]
Component-Based Rails Applications
Component-Based Rails Applications
Component-Based Rails Applications

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Completed on 2017-06-08

About the Book

As Rails applications grow and mature the help we get from the framework shrinks - to some, it even feels like the framework gets in the way. It doesn't need to be that way! With component-based applications we have a great way to control the complexity of our domain. In areas where Rails alone does not lend much support, we look to proven patterns to create a meaningful support structure for all of our applications.

With this book you will learn

  • How to create components with gems and engines.
  • How to spot and fix common technical issues
  • What refactorings to use to tease out new components 
  • How to extract your first component from any existing project 
  • How to apply component-based design together with the hexagonal and DCI architectural patterns

You will hear from others that have taken the journey and how they used components to improve their projects.

As you will learn through this book, components are also a great stepping stones towards micro-service architectures.

The intent of this book goes well beyond Rails: We want you to become a better software engineer. Components are a proven method of software development and all popular programming languages allow the creating of components in some way. The learnings from this book will improve your ability to create maintainable applications in any language!

About the Authors

Stephan Hagemann
Stephan Hagemann

Stephan is a director for Pivotal in Berlin, Germany.

On the Web, he codes, blogs, and tweets.

Also at

Ryan Platte
Ryan Platte

Ryan is an independent software developer. His experience includes work for top national brands, startups, and non-profits. He lives in Rochester, NY with his family.

Benjamin Smith
Benjamin Smith

Benjamin Smith is the CTO at hobbyDB. He has a strong passion for TDD, pairing, Agile and using technologies that get out of the programmer's way. When not writing code, he follows his other passions into the outdoors to rock climb, back country snowboard, and river surf.

Enrico Teotti
Enrico Teotti

Enrico has been working in the IT industry since 2001, first developing in C# .NET, after that attracted to open source and Linux terminal servers then from 2005 Ruby and Rails. Passionate about agile methodologies, TDD and building maintainable software that delivers business value. Blogging at

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