"Walk-Thru Tutorial  Series" - Blood Pit II™

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Quickly learn how to create MMoG RPG. This course is tailored using Step-by-Step Game Recipes for Workshop attendees and Instructors. Learn how to build this quest and methods as Progressive Web Applications or Content Management Systems.

This course includes 10 attempts.

Discover how to create Massive Multi-Player Online Games (MMoG) using the Step-by-Step Game Recipe methods in this course. This is a "Mega" construction course; you'll learn two different online games deliveries using these game mechanics with WebSockets. When you're finished, you will have a production pipeline to create as many different Massive Multi-Player Online Games as your imagination can dream of!

You'll also get bonus download examples, source code, abridged references on how to do every single thing in this course, so you can copy and paste these into your own game design and then modify those resources for your own purposes and bespoke releases.

I would like to guide you in creating several modes of Massive Multi-Player Online Games. We will use these game mechanics, mechanisms and the development methods discussed in Phaser III Game Prototypes and Phaser III Game Design. By the end of this tutorial, you should have a fully functional Massive Multi-Player Online Games (MMoG) and two different delivery modes (PWA and CMS) using your own gaming assets. There is a supporting website where you can download the bonus content included with your course purchase.  

Course Objectives  

  • How to **migrate single-player games** into a 2-player online delivery mode (not using "hot-seat")!  
  • How to use dynamic, client-side, proxy servers and migrate this game from its current single-player mode (with AI Bot) into a routed Remote Procedure Call (rRPC) 2-player mode (not using "hot-seat")!  
  • How to include "Asynchronous Availability" during gameplay and migrate this gameplay mode (with AI Bot) into an online "Asynchronous Availability" multi-player mode using postal mail or email game turns! The FREE game rule book will help "deconstruct" this game mechanics.  
  • This final external "Step-by-Step" tutorial guides us in building a complete MMoG CMS, using MOM over WebSockets for 2 to 8 participants, a membership system, game lobby, player matching services, and other various cloud-based "Back-end as a Services" (BaaS). The FREE game rule book will help "deconstruct" this game mechanics.  

This extraordinarily comprehensive course will teach you how to: 

  • Use either Phaser v2.x.x or v3.16+ in developing Massive Multi-Player Online Games.
  • Create different delivery modes of MMoG-RPG.
  • How to integrate other gaming mechanics into MMoG from Single-Player games!
  • Use Phaser as either a Progressive Web Application or Content Management System with WebSockets.
  • Analyze current business demand for these game's genres and where to deploy them.
  • Automatically generate new connections.
  • Instructor Guides and teaching resources available for workshops in this course's special Teacher edition.

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