Being Poetry
Being Poetry
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Being Poetry

Last updated on 2015-09-20

About the Book

This book is a work of academic art. What does academic art mean? I use an arts-based research methodology from the social sciences to explore the question of identity, i.e. who am I? I argue in a non-linear way that I am being poetry, and invite you through an intersubjective and empathetic journey that you could be, becoming, being poetry, too.

If you have always been interested in knowing if you could be a poem, this book would benefit you. If you have ever wondered if the underlying structure of being is love, this book might also bring you some insights that could further your questioning. If you have never thought about the possibility of being poetry, but have always considered yourself a person that values love, truth, and even beauty above all, this book could also be for you. So if you are not still convincing if this book is for you, please go to the website to learn more about it.

About the Author

Lina Ru
Lina Ru

Lina is a philosophic poet creating multimedia poetry. She is revealing the poetic, a boundless perceiving, within and beyond the textual, visual and acoustic. Lina is sharing a poetic interpretation of being: Being Poetry at and

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Introduction
    • What is poetry?
  • Being Poetry
    • God of War §1
    • Death that surrounds §2
    • Tears of Xochiquetzal §3
    • Harvest of Fragments §4
    • Mirage of Thoughts §5
    • Roots of Myself §6
    • Feast of Insight §7
    • Raining Verbs §8
    • Being One §9
    • Re-elevating §10
    • Rheomode §11
    • Being Poetry §11
    • School of Alchemy §12
    • The Alchemist §13
    • Trace that sprouts §14
    • Maple Leaf §15
    • Lotus of History §16
    • The Expansive Today §17
    • Multicolored Awe §18
  • Poetic Analysis through an Autoethnography
    • The Fluid Nature of Being Poetry §6-11
      • Poetic Communication §∞
      • The rheomode §11
      • Being as Unconditional Communication §6, § 9, §15, §17, §18
    • Why don’t we See Ourselves as Being Poetry? §4-5
      • The Implicate Order §17
      • The Explicate Order §4
        • Mechanism §5
    • Infinite Flowing Wholeness §15, §18
      • Creativity and agape §6
    • In the Midst of Black Hands §1-3
    • The Implicate Order of Love §12-18
      • The Historical and Unhistorical §12-17
      • The Fullest Love §18
    • Seeing Others as Being Poetry §∞
  • To Conclude
  • Poetry in Spanish
    • Dios de la guerra §1
    • Muerte que me rodea §2
    • Lágrimas de Xochiquetzal §3
    • Cosecha de fragmentos §4
    • Espejismo de pensamientos §5
    • Raíces de mí mismo §6
    • Festejo de intuición §7
    • Lluvia de Verbos §8
    • Ser uno §9
    • Re-elevando §10
    • Rheomode §11
    • Escuela de alquimia §12
    • El alquimista §13
    • Huella que retoña §14
    • Hoja de maple §15
    • Loto de Historia §16
    • El hoy expansivo §17
    • Admiración Multicolor §18
  • Bibliography

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