So You Want To Be A Scrum Master?
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So You Want To Be A Scrum Master?

About the Book

This book is the result of a Hackathon. Whilst the devs were busy hacking code the Agile Community Of Interest decided to hack around on a book.

This book is a collaborative effort by the community to provide something free, and hopefully valuable, to the wider agile community. We wrote this book for new Scrum Masters, or those planning on tackling the Scrum Master career.

Our goal was to ship an eBook to LeanPub in 48 hours. We achieved it and you're reading it now. We appreciate your support and we really do hope you enjoy the book. We certainly enjoyed creating it for you.

About the Authors

Helen Lisowski
Helen Lisowski

I am an independent Agile & Management Consultant at Fluidworking. Having worked at International Corporations, startups, and everything in between I now help companies develop an agile mind set in management and leadership roles focussing on improving habits and behaviours

In my past I have helped take the Software release process from more than yearly releases to weekly / on-demand with several companies. I did so whilst retaining and developing talent, and during huge company growth, contributing to taking 2 companies through to acquisition.

I have been training, presenting, running workshops and writing for many years. Have a look at to see if you'd like to work with us too.

(I also have a bit of an obsession with afternoon tea)

Rob Lambert
Rob Lambert

Rob Lambert has been lucky enough to be part of some amazingly forward thinking companies. It lead to a rich understanding of how businesses succeed, but more importantly for Rob's life, a deep understanding of how to remain relevant and employable in ever changing markets. 

Rob teaches communication skills, how to be an amazing manager and how to remain employable in our changing world. He loves to teach and engage audiences through writing, podcasting and public presentations. 

He's a family man with three kids which keep him busy, but when he's not working, he's writing content. The thread that runs through it all is about constant change and personal growth. You'll see this in his books. 

Rob lives in Winchester, England with his family. He's also a keen photographer, podcaster and car enthusiast.  

He owns the Cultivated Management and Parent Brain brands.

Rob Lambert

Episode 185

Martyn Frank
Martyn Frank

I’m a full time Scrum Master at NewVoiceMedia, and a part time (hobby) developer. I have a passion for Agile practices, CSS, TDD and whatever sparks my interest this week.

My career began as a GIS (Geographic Information Systems) Analyst with the British Army. I later became a .Net developer, and most recently a Scrum Master.

I blog about my experiences at Frank Code.

Raji Bhamidipati
Raji Bhamidipati


My name is Raji and I am a Scrum Master at NewVoiceMedia. I help build outstanding self organised teams. 

I can be found blogging about My Journey and occassionally speaking at conferences. 

In my spare time, I enjoy learning to play the Veena and spending time with my family.

Steven Mackenzie
Steven Mackenzie

My early career was in defense research, finding ways to identify explody things in locked containers. I moved in to software development as a way to escape work in a thick walled laboratory. I spent 15 years writing software to index and analyse the unstructured information clogging corporate file shares around the planet.

During this time working as a software engineer in a small team I became interested in agile, user experience, and Lean UX approaches to building software with teams of people.

Since 2014 I have been a Scrum Master at NewVoiceMedia, helping teams work together to change the world of cloud-based contact center software-as-a-service.

Keith OSullivan
Keith OSullivan

I'm a Scrum Master here at NewVoiceMedia.  I help build amazing teams so they can do the best work possible.

I have a keen interest in growing Agile across multiple teams and an even bigger interest in all things startup.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • What to Tell Your Mum When She Asks What You Do for a Living
  • Scrum Master is a Strange Job Title (but we don’t have a better one)
  • How to Tell People What to Do Without Telling Them What to Do
  • How Do You Become an Expert in a Room Full of Experts?
  • What Has a Scrum Master Ever Done for Us?
  • You’re Not the Admin Lacky
  • Being Effective and Liked
  • New Team Members Adopt the Same Behaviours as the Team
  • This is the Team to Get it Done
  • Using Small Steps When Big Changes Might Be Resisted
  • Why is Coffee Important?
  • Being Flat Out Busy is Not Effective Agile
  • The Framework Curse
  • The Kind of Person Who Knew Too Much
  • No Process is Perfect, but it Doesn’t Mean it’s Crap
  • Poor Requirements
  • Reduce Failure Demand
  • Inflicting Help
  • Agile Consultants Who Don’t Know What it Means to Be Agile
  • What Would a Customer Say if You Shipped it Now?
  • Whilst Doing This, You’re Not Doing That
  • Scrum Master - What Happens Next?
  • How We Learn
  • Acknowledgements
  • Notes

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