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The New AGILE Manager - Bundle

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All books, the new agile manager needs to be successful.

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About the Books

The Art of Collaboration

The never-ending journey towards greatness beyond EgoBarriers
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Frank is called into the corporate headquarter. His boss Big Jim makes him an "offer" he cannot refuse. Very soon Frank finds himself in "The Thing", a project from hell. Should he have declined? The team is merely a group of saboteurs and what can go wrong goes wrong. If this wouldn't be enough, Jim meddles in whenever he can. Will Frank manage the mess or escape soon enough?

This book is showing effects wide beyond tools and techniques. A purchase is Your ticket to join Frank on his journey.

By this You can also impulse and be a part of the story yourself - like in an improvisation theater.

Work Life Happy

Find Your Passion, Creativity And Work/Life Happiness
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Are you equally happy at work as you are at home?

Being happy at work is the first step to success, both yours and that of your company. Don’t believe me? When you are happy at work, you become engaged in it. You work with passion and commitment, with energy and creativity.

When you are engaged you will see an increase in productivity and in the quality of your work, and stronger relationships with your colleagues follow.

And positivity is infectious. Your co-workers might catch it too! And then where would you be?

Work Life Happy is a pocket-sized book packed with ways to boost workplace well-being, increase your performance at work and at home, and has the happy effect of boosting your company’s bottom line too!

Whether you’re working in the office or at home, Work Life Happy helps you quickly and easily identify the things that are holding you back, whether it’s you – or your boss.

Work Life Happy provides strategy after easy-to-follow strategy to help you find work/life balance, purpose, fulfillment – and happiness – in your day, every day. Wherever you work.

Even during a pandemic!


Work Life Happy is for anyone who:

* Hates their job

* Seeks a better work/life balance

* Wants greater purpose in their job

* Wants a more fulfilling job that brings them every-day joy


Read it.

Then give a copy to your boss.

It might just change everything!

Top Ten Tips: Meetings

    • PDF

    Tired of being in boring meetings or worse yet, tired of chairing boring meetings? Here’s some top tips to help you lift them and make them more fun, more productive and the type of thing people WANT to come to!

    Systems Thinking: Observing System Behavior

    An Accessible Introduction to Systems Thinking by Observing System Behavior This book is an accessible introduction to Systems Thinking by observing the behavior around you. It is practical advice for you to begin using today.
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    This book is complete for content. Please send any suggestions or comments to the author. Your input and suggestions are valued.

    This book is an accessible introduction to Systems Thinking by observing behavior. It is practical advice for you to begin using today. That said, it will help you prepare to learn the formal side of Systems Thinking when you are ready.

    Systems Thinking is found in many different professional domains such as healthcare, education, business and many more. It has been used to build realistic goals, develop feedback controls, and manage alignment to business Vision, Mission, and Values. It has become a critical part of sustainability planning and efforts.

    Your vision or perception of reality colors your opinion. Does that mean you can change your reality if you change your perception of a situation? Yes. How and why? You need to learn a way of structuring your perceptions, your observations, into an understanding of your situation. With that perspective, doors will open to alternate solutions. You become more open to another person’s perspective of a situation that gives you the tools needed to build consensus.

    Change from the word "situation" to the word "system" and you are on your way to observing the consistent behavior in chaos. This is the world of Systems Thinking. Yes, it sounds complicated because the typical way of learning it is complicated. This book sets out to make learning Systems Thinking easy by introducing you to a technique of observing a system to learn its behavior, something you do each and every day.

    Bench vs. Trench is a popular phrase to express the difference between learning via theory and learning from experience. This book is in the trenches. It stays in the trenches where you will accelerate building your experience. Only then will benefit from another book on theory and modeling.

    This book introduces the concepts of Systems Thinking that you can apply on a daily if not hourly basis. Consultants think Systems Thinking is a project with the goal of building a model. Danella Meadows, one of the leading voices in Systems Thinking, suggested simply "Thinking in Systems". Changing how you view the world from a systems perspective will help your career.

    Going Remote:

    Guidline to build and manage remote teams
    • 84


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    • PDF

    This Guide is for everyone who is trying to go from a colocated company to an all remote company.

    Here you have some impressions you need to know before you start your jurney.

    In this book, you will learn about how to prepare a remote-friendly organization, and apply it by assessing your current remote readiness.

    • Topics are e.g.Assess teams’ and managers’ readiness and preparation for remote work
    • Prepare a workspace or office space for remote work
    • Understand the factors supporting the remote work movement
    • Understand how hiring and onboarding differ for a distributed workforce
    • Lead in a remote environment
    • Begin to become a strong asynchronous communicator
    • Lead and create leaders in a remote environment
    • Evaluate team morale and job performance in a remote environment
    • Set and track appropriate metrics and outcomes for success in a distributed environment
    • Create a foundational strategy for executing a remote transformation
    • Begin to plan a remote transition
    • Determine what type of remote team you have or plan to have
    • Determine your current phase and look ahead to the remote transition process
    • Understand and plan the specific steps to a remote transition
    • Build a remote organizational culture and practices
    • Understand how culture factors into a distributed team environment
    • Determine the values that will serve your organization
    • Adjust and fine-tune your values to empower your team
    • and more

    Thank you

    Going Remote:

    Webinar and Online Meeting : Training Guide
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    • PDF

    This book is all about how you, as a businessman and manager, can lead your webinars and online meetings successfully.

    It is a big difference if you do it remote online or real in the office. So there is a lot to think about

    and prepare before you go into the meeting. This Book will help you 100% on your way Step by Step.

    This is the content of the Book

    1. Module 1: Perspective in the conceptual jungle. 1

    1.1 Buzzing Terms. 1

    1.2 Virtual classroom.. 2

    1.3 Web conference, web meeting and webcast 4

    1.3.1 Web Conference. 4

    1.3.2 Web meetings. 4

    1.3.3 Webcast 4

    1.4 Transfer task 1. 5

    2. Module 2: Virtual vs. traditional learning space. 6

    2.1 The virtual learning room is different 6

    2.2 The three peculiarities of virtual space. 7

    2.2.1 The technology-driven environment 7

    2.2.2 The unprotected environment 9

    2.2.3 Difficult social integration. 11

    3. Module 3: Impact factors in virtual space. 14

    3.1 Impact factors in virtual space. 15

    3.2 Turn on the camera! 17

    3.3 Transfer task 2. 19

    4. Module 4: From the idea to the webinar. 20

    4.1 Three rules of thumb in advance. 20

    4.2 The didactic planning of a webinar. 21

    4.2.1 Define learning content 23

    4.2.2 Structure learning content 25

    4.2.3 Script template. 26

    5. Module 5: The rules of multimedia design. 27

    5.1 The rules of multimedia design. 27

    5.2 Cognitive load in multimedia learning. 28

    5.3 Eight principles of Richard E. Mayer. 29

    5.4 Transfer task 3. 33

    6. Module 6: Tools and methods in virtual space. 34

    6.1 Tools in virtual space. 34

    6.2 Methods in virtual space. 38

    6.3 Transfer task 4. 40

    7. Module 7: Dealing with challenging situations. 41

    7.1 Challenging situation in the webinar. 41

    8. Module 8: Thinking outside the box - Blended Learning. 45

    8.1 Usage scenarios of webinars. 45

    8.1.1 Scenario 1: Stand-alone webinars / individual webinar. 45

    8.1.2 Scenario 2: Webinar series. 46

    8.1.3 Scenario 3: Blended Learning. 47

    8.2 Inner and outer didactic concept 48

    8.3 Transfer task 5. 49

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