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Learn Modern C++ with the best C++ Books!

The books will teach you how to modernize your legacy code, add modern C++17 features and then increase the performance with concurrency and parallelism!

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About the Books

The Legacy Code Programmer's Toolbox

Practical skills for software professionals working with legacy code
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The Legacy Code Programmer's Toolbox is a guide for professionals that have to work with legacy code.

Working with legacy code is challenging. However legacy code is everywhere, and this is what many developers have to work with to create value.

This book will show you how to deal with legacy code efficiently and with a positive approach: how to be in a motivated mindset, how to understand the code, reduce the size of long functions, and how you can even turn legacy code to your advantage to learn how to improve your programming skills.

You'll see the power of knowledge to be effective with legacy code as well as how to have you and every member of your team acquire this precious knowledge.It will teach you efficient ways to work as an individual as well as how to collaborate with your teammates to work effectively with legacy code.

Finally, this book will show you how you can skip to the places of the codebase where you can create the most value. You will learn how to find the source of a bug quickly in a codebase even if you don't know a lot of it, and where to target your refactoring efforts so that they make a difference.

Kate Gregory
Bartłomiej Filipek
Arne Mertz
Rainer Grimm
Victor Ciura
Kris van Rens

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C++17 in Detail

Learn the Exciting Features of The New C++ Standard!
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If you’ve ever asked “what’s in C++17 and what does it mean for me and my code?” — and I hope you have — then this book is for you.

Herb Sutter,

Available also as the paperback version @Amazon and the interactive online course @Educative

C++11 was a major update for the language. With all the modern features like lambdas, constexpr, variadic templates, threading, range-based for loops, smart pointers and many more powerful elements, it was enormous progress for the language. Even now, in 2018, lots of teams struggle to modernise their projects to leverage all the modern features. Later there was a minor update - C++14, which improved some things from the previous standard and added a few smaller elements. With C++17 we got a lot of mixed emotions.

Although C++17 is not as big as C++11, it's larger than C++14. Everyone expected modules, co-routines, concepts and other powerful features, but it wasn't possible to prepare everything on time.

Is C++17 weak?

Far from it! And this book will show you why!

I spent hundreds of hours investigating how the new things work in order to make a nice and practical book for you. The book will not only save your time but also will guide you through all the nuances of the language.

The book brings you exclusive content about C++17 and draws from the experience of many articles that have appeared on (and The chapters were rewritten from the ground-up and updated with the latest information. All of that equipped with lots of new examples and practical tips. Additionally, the book provides insight into the current implementation status, compiler support, performance issues and other relevant knowledge to boost your current projects.

If you have experience with C++11/14 and you want to move forward into the latest C++ standard, then this book is for you.

Here are the features you'll learn:

Part One: C++17 Language features

  • Fixes and deprecation
  • Language clarification
  • General language features
  • Templates
  • Attributes

Part Two: C++17 The Standard Library

  • std::optional
  • std::variant
  • std::any
  • std::string_view
  • String Conversions
  • String Matching & Searchers
  • Filesystem
  • Parallel STL
  • Other Changes

Part Three: More Examples and Use Cases

  • Refactoring with std::optional
  • Using if constexpr
  • Using [[nodiscard]] attribute
  • How to parallelise applications

Book Mentions:

"C++17 In Detail" appeared in the Visual C++ Team Blog as suggested books for learning C++17!

Have a look: Books on C++17

Review @CppDepend Blog

Review @A Sawicki Blog:

There's also a book page at Goodreads: C++17 In Detail @Goodreads

Other formats:

Technical details:

I optimized this book for a PDF reading experience, but other ebook formats should also look good. If you have any issues with the copies, let me know and I'll try to update the formatting.

Jonathan Boccara (
Arne Mertz (
Victor Ciura ( @ciura_victor )
Karol Gasiński (@karolgasinski)
Marco Arena (

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Concurrency with Modern C++

What every professional C++ programmer should know about concurrency.
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  • C++11 and C++14 have the basic building blocks for creating concurrent or parallel programs.
  • With C++17, we got the parallel algorithms of the Standard Template Library (STL). That means most of the algorithms of the STL can be executed sequentially, in parallel, or vectorized.
  • The concurrency story in C++ goes on. With C++20, we got coroutines, atomic smart pointers, semaphores, latches, and barriers.
  • C++23 supports the first concrete coroutine: std::generator.
  • With future C++ standards, we can hope for executors, extended futures, transactional memory, and more.

This book explains the details of concurrency in modern C++ and gives you nearly 200 running code examples. Therefore, you can combine theory with practice and get the most out of it.

Because this book is about concurrency, I present many pitfalls and show you how to overcome them.

The book is 100 % finished, but I will update it regularly. The next update is probably about C++26. Furthermore, I will write about lock-free concurrent data structure and patterns for parallelization.

Bart Vandewoestyne
Ian Reeve
Robert Badea
Zeshuang Mi

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