Charles, A Dragon - All Together
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Charles, A Dragon - All Together

About the Bundle

In addition to the three stories beginning with "Charles, A Dragon," we now have an introduction to Chander and Lali ! Get all four, and read from the beginning of the ongoing story! One purchase gets all the electronic formats - EPUB, MOBI, and PDF. See the descriptions below of each of the books.

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About the Books

Charles, A Dragon

Book One
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    A lonely boy tells stories to the creatures in the forest, and yearns for adventure. A lonely dragon hides outside his window to listen.

    Neither of them knows his true identity. Neither suspects his destiny or the battles ahead.

    Come meet the boy, the dragon, two kings, evil warlords, a good sorceror, a traitor, more dragons, the spy with the cherry-filled pastries, and a dog who saves a castle!

    Amazon carries the beautifully printed version here, with the cover painting by graphic artist and teacher Veranne Graham.

    The King Arrives

    Charles, A Dragon: Book Two
    • 206


    • PDF

    • EPUB

    • MOBI

    Amazon carries the printed version -- click here. The beautiful painting on the cover is ''Mountain Landscape with a Castle'' by Roelandt Jacobsv Savery, painted in 1609.

    Diamonds and Dragons

    Charles, A Dragon: Book Three
    • 100%


    • PDF

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    Charles, a lonely young outcast with an ugly scar and ungainly wings for a dragon, perched on the castle wall and listened to stories. The boy inside that castle window befriended him, and the two grew together to become kings of their peoples. Book One, "Charles, A Dragon," and Book Two, "The King Arrives," tell their stories. Now, in Book Three, "Diamonds and Dragons," their kingdoms are under attack by nations far over the eastern mountains, for unknown reasons.

    Available as a beautiful paperback version in the usual places! Look for ISBN 978-1-937975-27-2. The foreboding castle on the cover is Slains Castle in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, photographed in 2017 by Pat Ware.


    Charles, A Dragon: Beginnings
      • PDF

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      • WEB

      A young dragon met a young king in “Charles, A Dragon,” and gained the help of 13-year-old Charis in book two, “The King Arrives.” This story tells of Charis’ father, years earlier, first dealing with an evil that returns and threatens them all in book three, “Diamonds and Dragons.”

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