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Bigger Than This
How to Launch a Brand (2nd Edition)
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Learn how to turn your venture into an admired brand from the ground up by getting this bundle of both of my bestselling books for the lowest price available.

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About the Books

Bigger Than This

Bigger Than This

How to Turn Any Venture Into an Admired Brand.
Bigger Than This
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    What do brands like Planet Fitness, Everlane, and Bombas all have in common? They’re capturing peoples’ emotions and winning customers’ hearts. And they are based on commodity products or services.

    Following the success of his #1 bestselling book, “How to Launch a Brand,” acclaimed brand strategist Fabian Geyrhalter is back with an enlightening new book that digs deep into today’s new world of brand creation. “Bigger Than This” challenges companies – from startups to Fortune 100s – to (re)discover their spark and connect with today’s consumers on a deeper level.

    In “Bigger Than This,” Geyrhalter analyzes brands that are based on commodity products – watches, socks, shoes, fish – yet they quickly turn into beloved brands. He emphasizes the importance of storytelling, encouraging brands to embrace 8 simple traits these brands showcase and offers specific, actionable commandments that any brand can implement – story, belief, cause, heritage, delight, transparency, solidarity and individuality. Instead of playing “dress-up,” he wants businesses to uncover the roots of their ventures and share honest, empathetic stories that resonate with consumers, creating a loyal following that leads to strong, successful brands.

    Delightfully concise and refreshing, Geyrhalter draws on his personal experience of having helped shape over 60 brands, and intentionally (and noticeably) steps away from marketing fluff and business lingo that often clouds the integrity of marketing books.

    William C. Taylor, Co-Founder, Fast Company
    Shaun Smith, Author of On Purpose
    David Glaze, Creative Director, Amazon
    Barry Silverstein, Foreword Reviews
    Jamie Michele, Reader’s Favorite
    Andy Milligan
    Heather McGough, Co-Founder, Lean Startup Co.
    Brittany Golob, Editor, Transform magazine
    Dr. Alex Mehr, CEO & Co-Founder, Mentorbox
    Ken Plasse, CEO, Fishpeople Seafood
    Robbie Abed,

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    How to Launch a Brand (2nd Edition)

    How to Launch a Brand (2nd Edition)

    Your Step-by-Step Guide to Crafting a Brand: From Positioning to Naming And Brand Identity
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    This book will guide you through the steps necessary to build a brand from the ground up:

    Step 1 (Chapter 1): Create a brand platform Step 2 (Chapter 2): Devise a brand name Step 3 (Chapter 3): Design your brand's identity Step 4 (Chapter 4): Craft your brand atmosphere touch points

    Most entrepreneurs, even seasoned brand managers, launch first and then work on slowly transforming the new offering into a brand. A logical progression, I would agree. After all, how can you possibly launch as a brand if you don’t have any customers or marketing outreach and—obviously, since you just launched a new offering—you have no legacy or advocates?

    The simple answer is by design. Design relates to the systematic process you have to adhere to, which is likely the primary reason you are holding this book in your hands. In addition though, design truly holds the key to the success of your new brand. It will set your offering apart to look, feel, and sound like a brand at the time of launch, as opposed to something that might or might not have the power to eventually turn into a brand. This book will teach you how to launch your brand by design.

    In this book I share expert insights based on two decades of professional experience transforming new product and service ventures from ideation phases to tangible brand realities. Each of the key phases of preparing for a brand launch are broken down into practical guidelines designed to help you make the right branding decisions along the way.

     Ashish Soni
    Amazon Customer
    James Iliff
    Portland Book Review
    Best Biz Books
    Laura S. Murcek

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    About the Author

    Fabian Geyrhalter
    Fabian Geyrhalter

    Fabian Geyrhalter is the Founder and Principal of FINIEN.

    Geyrhalter has been published internationally by the likes of The Washington Post, Graphis and Communication Arts. He has written about branding for publications including Mashable and Entrepreneur and is a columnist for Inc. An active jury member of the Academy of Interactive & Visual Arts and winner of numerous design awards, including 23 American Graphic Design Awards, Geyrhalter is often invited to judge international design competitions. He served as an adjunct professor at USC and Art Center College of Design and is an Advisory Board Member of the Santa Monica College. Geyrhalter is a frequent speaker and mentor to entrepreneurs worldwide, a "Global 100" mentor at the Founder Institute and author of the #1 best selling book "How to Launch a Brand." He is further serving as consulting Executive Creative Strategist at Urban Insight, a leading technology consulting firm, managing the intersection of brand vision and creative digital strategy.

    At the age of 21, he became Creative Director at Insyght, developing corporate identity and collateral projects for pharmaceutical industry giants like Pfizer and Lilly. He later served as Creative Lead at Genex, an Adweek Top 50 Interactive Agency, overseeing the emerging online media account for the luxury automotive brand Acura.

    For 12 years he has been running the highly successful branding and graphic design agency Geyrhalter & Co, working for clients such as The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Goodwill, Brandman University, W Hotels, CO-OP Financial Services, USC, Evolution Juice, The City Of Los Angeles and John Varvatos.

    Geyrhalter was born in Vienna, Austria and is a graduate of Art Center College of Design.

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