Asset-Based Lending
Asset-Based Lending
Asset-Based Lending

Last updated on 2017-11-19

About the Book

This new, third edition, has added many updates regarding critical asset-based collateral subjects and issues, including regulatory Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) changes and more.

Asset-based lending, or the extension of credit against company's balance sheet assets on a collateral margin basis, is a rapidly growing field in the lending arena - thanks to better controls and understanding as well as the intensification of non-bank competition in the field. Asset-Based Lending defines lending controls and policies, assessing collateral and borrower quality, loan pricing, collateral monitoring and much more, including:

- Cash collateral accounts, commingling funds and controlling payments and advances

- Completing notes, security agreements and other documents

- Accounts receivable and inventory lending

- Chattel paper, notes, machinery and equipment

- Direct and third party leasing

- Collateral field examinations

- Factoring

About the Author

Peter Clarke
Peter Clarke

Peter S. Clarke, is a former banker with over 30 years experience in commercial lending and loan/credit administration with multibillion dollar banking institutions staring with Citibank in New York, and then moving to the former Texas Commerce Bank in Houston now Chase, and then to the Great Western Bancorp now Wells Fargo, and finally to Frost Bank in Houston. He has also been with The WFA Group, headquartered in Houston, Texas, for over 20 years. This Group provides collateral field exams on all types and sizes of credits for banks and non banks around the country. Besides A/R, Inv., Notes, and Special Projects, the company does any type of collateral field exam involving a working capital loan secured by real estate or personal property assets. In addition, The WFA Group also provides all types of machinery and equipment appraisals involving any type business or industry including full inspections, limited scope inspections (with the balance completed on a desktop),including giving value for in place installed equipment, and full desktops from its office. Appraisal values include Fair Market, Orderly Liquidation, and For Sale Liquidation (private or auction), and in place values where applicable.

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