Art of Giving Yourself Pause… by Federico Gobbo [PDF/iPad/Kindle]
The Art of Giving Yourself Pause for Thought
The Art of Giving Yourself Pause for Thought
The Art of Giving Yourself Pause for Thought

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Last updated on 2015-01-05

About the Book

Many people I met in the last ten years have a stressful relation with their working time. I was one of them, so I turned to different task-based time management methods in order to overcome this problem. I learned a lot, but only recently I realised that my approach is entirely different from all the methods out there. If time management is focused on the working time per se, on the contrary I am focused on the pauses between two tasks that everybody has during working time. This e-book presents my experience and my approach to the general public.

About the Author

Federico Gobbo
Federico Gobbo

Researcher and University professor. In Linguistics, his fields are Esperanto and Hollywood languages -- e.g., Klingon, Dothraki -- as well as language policy and planning in multilingual settings. In History and Philosophy of Computing, he mainly applied Philosophy of Information (PI) to context where Turing machines are in-between humans. Founder of Constructive Linguistics and Constructive Adpositional Grammars. Time management expert. Amateur sci-fi writer, singer and photographer. Kung fu practitioner (Ba Gua Zhang style).

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