Archetypes State of Play
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Archetypes State of Play

Book 1 of the Archetypes Series

About the Book

NB: This project is not abandoned, just on the back burner for editing and re-writing.

Author Status: Climbing back up the face of a metaphorical cliff...

Status: Editing Phase. Storyline is more or less complete and will not change.

Current Version: 0.95.50

Progress Update:

-Sequel recently updated. Editing on Book 1 is still underway.


Sequel's URL ( launched in ROUGH format, still a Work in Progress):

Archetypes State of Chaos

Short Synopsis (under construction)

After five years cut off from the rest of the world and three years of intense strife, Eastern and Western European nations have unified in opposition of each other. With all their standing armies engaged in games of cat and mouse against their counterparts, it falls to para-military and training institutions to deal with the insurgence of rebel factions & skirmishes. Hey, what better way to get experience than actual combat, what could possibly go wrong? 

Two years after the Western Allied Academy entered active service, their pride and joy– Alpha Squadron– lead by their prodigious commander Nick Stone dies while on assignment at Geneva University. Their only surviving member, Heinz, a sniper on duty with the local militia, now has to help rebuild the team with a new commander, one he is not too keen to embrace.

General second class, Emile Beuachemain spearheads the recruitment of new members to rebuild this prestigious squadron, though his new members are controversial. Under the command of Max Aereno, a foreigner with background in “special” forces operations and a band of misfits, ranging form ex-convicts to drunkards and snobs, Max has his work cut out for him.


The game is setup. The pieces enter play. Will Max be able to lead a new team of “special” individuals when the deck is stacked against him? Just how much is he unaware of? After all, what would you do to try to save the only family you ever remembered having?

About the Author

Devon Steiger
Devon Steiger

I am an undergraduate student at Concordia University studying English Literature & Professional Writing. I started writing in 2006 as a kid, and in 2008 started writing more seriously. Though none of the works writtenback then have ever seen the light of day, in 2010 I undertook writing a complete book for my IB personal project in high school. Five years later, that project has been placed on the shelf and in 2012, after two NaNoWriMo attempts, I released my first published work Archetypes: State of Play. Over the past three years I have focused mainly on my Academic career as that has been my priority, but as I am nearing the midway point of university I am becoming more and more serious about writing.

Since I launched Archetypes I have worked on several projects that are coming to fruition, including the upcoming Peace Speaker series and Anonymous. I enjoy writing and hope to continue to do so for a long time to come.


I am here for the community that reads my work and I am looking forward to getting to know you guys as well (if you let me of course). I hope that those of you who do read some of my works will enjoy it at least as much as I enjoyed making it. If I can do that, and maybe even get you to think about some of the things involved in that book, then I think I have succeeded in at least one of my primary goals.


Devon Steiger

Table of Contents

  • Prologue: New assignments
  • Chapter 1: Someone Else’s War
  • Chapter 2: Paying dues
  • Chapter 3: A life worth saving
  • Chapter 4: Decisions
  • Chapter 5: Orders and repercussions
  • Chapter 6: Honourable or Free
  • Chapter 7: Impulses
  • Chapter 8: Choices
  • Academy files
  • Chapter 9: The Academy Part 1
  • Chapter 10: The Academy Part 2
  • Part 2:
  • Chapter 1: Feet First
  • Chapter 2: Debriefing
  • Chapter 3: the Summoning
  • Chapter 4: Training
  • Chapter 5: Drinks with a General
  • Personnel Logs
    • Commander Max Aereno’s log June 18th - June 22nd 2085
    • XO Lucy Star’s Logs June 18th - June 22nd 2085
    • Chief Intelligence Officer Mike Herdell’s logs June 17th - June 22nd 2085
    • Linguistics and Diplomatic Officer Sophia DeCosmo’s logs June 17th -June 22nd 2085
  • Chapter 6: Revelations.
  • Chapter 7: Tip of the Iceberg.
  • Chapter 8: The Tip of the Iceberg part II
  • Chapter 9: Permission to speak freely
  • Chapter 10: Archetype Predators
  • Chapter 11: Assault
  • Chapter 12: A Dish Best Served Cold
  • Part 3
  • Chapter 1: The Dreaming
  • Chapter 2: Rude Awakenings
  • Chapter 3: The Devil in the Details
  • Chapter 4: The Homecoming
  • Chapter 5: The Setup
  • Epilogue

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National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) is a novel-writing program for everyone who has thought fleetingly about writing a novel but has been scared away by the time and effort involved. In 2012, approximately 420,000 people from around the world, including kids and teens, wrote novels in the month of the November. National Novel Writing Month provides novel writing resources, encouragement, and support through its online forums, pep talks from accomplished authors, and in community write-ins that take place in libraries, independent bookstores, and cafes around the world. People don’t just become writers in NaNoWriMo's programs; they write together in a supportive community.

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