The Art of Collaboration
The Art of Collaboration (The Art of Collaboration (Demonstrator))
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The Art of Collaboration

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Last updated on 2019-02-21

About the Book

Frank is called into the corporate headquarter. His boss Big Jim makes him an "offer" he cannot refuse. Very soon Frank finds himself in "The Thing", a project from hell. Should he have declined? The team is merely a group of saboteurs and what can go wrong goes wrong. If this wouldn't be enough, Jim meddles in whenever he can. Will Frank manage the mess or escape soon enough?

This book is showing effects wide beyond tools and techniques. A purchase is Your ticket to join Frank on his journey.

By this You can also impulse and be a part of the story yourself - like in an improvisation theater.

About the Authors

Alexander Gerber
Alexander Gerber

I did pretty well as a senior specialist for IT-infrastructures.

Then I met the ultimate challenge in my Business career: people.

I smashed against the EgoBarrier with maximum velocity.

After dropping out from a very large agile software development project,

I made my way back into Business.

My children as well as an intense search for a twist in approaching these challenges opened up my way to what I call now

Greatness beyond EgoBarrier

My spouse did hers and blogging, I recognized as a therapeutic instrument to process what ever makes me wonder.

The very essence of all these insights builds the foundation which lays ground for what Tobias and I offer You as inspiration to do differently. Enjoy what we already worked at and several other sources throughout the internet.

Table of Contents

  • Hangover in Heathrow
    • Headoffice
    • American Airlines Center
    • Getting away
    • AA80
    • London Heathrow, Terminal 5
  • Double Diamonds
    • One’s tail between one’s legs
    • Suitcase deadlift
    • Diamonds are a specialist’s best friend
    • All for nothing?
    • Stockholm, we have a problem.
  • Dates and Structures
    • Snake eyes
    • Yesterday’s Reports
    • Directing Sales
    • No input - no output
    • Visionary Jim
  • Clear as mud
    • November Rain
    • Budget planning
    • Responsibilities
    • Clarity by resistance
    • Keeping things, stupid?
  • Reflections
    • Leise rieselt der Schnee
    • 10.000 hours
    • Candles alight the ‘Purple Space’
    • Markets like Christmas
    • Spicy!
  • Heartbeats
    • Knock, knock
    • Cast off!
    • Starting all over
    • A Wise Guy
    • Resolutions
  • What have you done?
    • Status report
    • The Fast & The Furios
    • Back to blunder
    • Curry meets Wurst
    • First born
  • To be continued …
  • Appendix
  • Introduction
    • How it all started
    • Our Key to unlock greatness
    • So what’s next?
  • Je suis Frank
  • Co-Effecting
    • Coworking
    • Cooperation
    • Conduction
    • Cocreation
    • Collaboration
  • 3rd-man’s-rule
    • Why is greatness so important?
    • How greatness is achieved?
    • What do You achieve?

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