AngularJs vs EmberJs
AngularJs vs EmberJs
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AngularJs vs EmberJs

Last updated on 2016-01-19

About the Book

AngularJs vs EmberJs is a guide that helps you to decide whether you should choose AngularJs or EmberJs to develop your web application with.

The reader will be brought through a detailed comparison of each of the features these frame works offer: Models, Views, Templates, Controllers, Routing, and Components.

The pros and cons of the approaches offered by each of these frameworks, and the results that they have on development are highlighted.

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About the Author

Brendan Graetz
Brendan Graetz

Hi, I'm Brendan Graetz. You can find me on Twitter

... and on Github

... and on LinkedIn

I also blog at, where you can check out my other writing.

Table of Contents

  • AngularJs vs EmberJs
    • The back story
    • Editions
    • Author
  • Criteria
    • Why criteria are necessary
    • What the criteria are
    • A note on fairness and polarisation
    • Questions
  • The MVC pattern
    • A brief history of single-page applications
    • MVC in single-page application frameworks
    • Discussion
  • Models
    • Models in AngularJs
    • Sync’ing AngularJs Models
    • Models in EmberJs
    • Sync’ing EmberJs Models
    • How this might change with ES6
    • Discussion
  • Views and Templates
    • Templates
      • Similarities
    • Views
    • Views in AngularJs
    • Views in EmberJs
    • Templates in AngularJs
      • Syntax
    • Templates in EmberJs
      • Syntax
      • Pros and Cons
    • Considerations for Designers
    • Additional Libraries
    • Discussion
  • Controllers
    • Controllers in AngularJs
    • Two-way binding in AngularJs
      • View to Model
      • Model to View
      • Behind the Scenes
    • Controllers in EmberJs
    • Two-way binding in EmberJs
    • Imperative versus Declarative Binding
      • Imperative versus Declarative Syntax in Two-way Binding
      • Imperative versus Declarative Syntax in Controllers
    • Discussion
  • Routing
    • URLs in Single-Page Applications
      • Hash Fragments
      • History API
    • Routing and State Machines
      • Finite State
      • Hierarchical State
      • Managing Transitions and Demarcation
    • Data Retrieval: Callbacks and Promises
      • Callbacks
      • Promises
      • Discussion
    • Routing in AngularJs
    • Finite State Machine in AngularJs’ Router
      • Workarounds
    • Routing in EmberJs
    • Convention over Configuration in EmberJs
    • Hierarchical State Machine in EmberJs’ Router
    • Routes in EmberJs
    • Discussion
      • Complexity
      • Opinionation
  • Components
    • Components in AngularJs
      • restrict in AngularJs Directives
      • transclude
      • Isolate scope
    • Components in EmberJs
    • Discussion
  • Round Up
    • Fin
    • Editions
    • Author

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