Agile Value… by Larry Cooper and Jen Stone [PDF/iPad/Kindle]
Agile Value Delivery - Beyond the Numbers
Agile Value Delivery - Beyond the Numbers
Agile Value Delivery - Beyond the Numbers

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Completed on 2015-07-29

About the Book

Endorsment for Agile Value Delivery: Beyond the Numbers:

The title of this book, Agile Value Delivery: Beyond the Numbers, recognizes that linear extrapolations from past successes—which may have been a successful formula in recent times—is no longer a practical guide for managers or workers in a post digital world. Simply stated, the digital revolution has thrust us suddenly and rapidly into in a new world with new rules. This book is a practical behavioral guide to those who want to master these new rules. (from our Forward by Rod Collins)

From the Authors:

We decided to write this book to illustrate how Agile Practices, and more importantly Agile thinking, can be combined with those from Outcomes, Portfolio, Programme and Project Management to successfully and consistently deliver Value into Business Operations.

If you are a Portfolio, Programme or Project Manager and want to know which Agile practices would apply to your space then this book is for you.

If you are on an Agile team and want to know how Portfolio, Programme or Project management need to change to support you then we've got you covered.

If you are in HR or Finance and are wondering how all this Agile stuff really affects you then you really need to read Chapters 2, 3 and 9. It's not just a technical thing - it's a cultural and a money thing.

If you still believe in waterfall and think best practices are awesome, check out Chapter 3 and be stunned. They're far from awesome.

The website that will accompany the book., will provide additional collateral such as practice descriptions and how-to’s, tools, templates, articles, etc.

Changes in Release 1.1:

  • We changed the wording to describe the activities in the model to the active voice (i.e used verbs instead of nouns) in Chapters 5 through 7. Figures 20-23 were updated accordingly. This also resulted in minor wording tweaks to the Description and Focus sections of each Chapter.
  • We updated the section title Agile Value Management in Chapter 4 to Agile Value Delivery. Same for Figure 17
  • We added a new section in Chapter 9: Human Resources called Preparing and Enabling People to describe the revised role of Learning and Development groups to both lead and take a more active role in helping people acquire and sustain the new skills and behaviours required for creating an agile ecosystem within their organizations

About the Author

Larry Cooper and Jen Stone
Larry Cooper and Jen Stone

Larry Cooper, B.Sc., M.A., is a Portfolio/Project Manager and strategic advisor in the public and private sectors in Canada and the USA and holds close to 25 industry certifications in Agile, Project Management, and ITIL. He has been published in books, magazines, and on industry leading websites, having achieved top ITIL download for his white paper “Implementing ITIL using the PMBOK in Four Easy Steps” on

Involved in the training industry since 2007 he has developed over 30 courses on ITIL, Project Management, Agile, and Value Management. He has been an invited speaker at numerous conferences and symposia for the PMI, BAWorld, and the itSMF. Most recently he presented global webinars with BrightTalk on topics ranging from DevOps, to ITSM, to the future of Agile in organizations.

Larry is an executive on the Board of Directors for PMI Ottawa and was Axelos’ North American Mentor for PRINCE2 Agile.

Jen Stone, B.Sc., MCIS, with an extensive background in IT operations, has observed that when organizations begin to adopt Agile and DevOps concepts, the resulting shifts in methodologies can disrupt an ops team’s ability to keep systems stable, secure and performant. Jen begins by helping ops teams modify their infrastructure, processes, communication paths and cadences to integrate with changes occurring in other parts of the organization, and then expands that type of systems thinking to integrate teams across the entire organization.

Jen has over 30 years’ experience mentoring and teaching adults, over 25 years speaking, presenting and writing, and over a decade developing and delivering courses to professionals in IT and business. She has held leadership positions in the Society for Information Management and the Help Desk Institute, was an active member of the Lean Technology Institute, and served as a submissions proctor for the Agile Roots conference.

As Managing Director of the International Consortium for Agile, Jen was responsible for bringing together experts from around the world to develop certifications for learning paths across the organization, including Leadership, Project Management and Business Value Management.

Jen also served as a reviewer for the PRINCE2 Agile guide, which is due to be released in Q1 2015.

Jen and Larry are working on a white paper for Axelos called “Next Generation Agile” which is due to be published in summer 2015

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