A little book about Agile with OKRs
A little book about Agile with OKRs
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A little book about Agile with OKRs

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Last updated on 2020-03-27

About the Book

Popularised by Google and Intel OKRs - objectives and key results - are an increasingly popular approach to agreeing goals in, and across, teams. In this book we look what OKRs are and how the approach can be combined with agile.

About the Author

Allan Kelly
Allan Kelly

Allan Kelly works as an Agile Consultant, he advises and trains teams from many different companies and domains on adopting and deepen Agile practices and development in general. When he is not with clients he writes far too much.  He specialises in working with software product companies and aligning products and processes with company strategy.  He is the author of three books: "Xanpan - team centric Agile Software Development", "Business Patterns for Software Developers" and “Changing Software Development: Learning to be Agile”; the originator of Retrospective Dialogue Sheets and a regular conference speaker. 

Table of Contents

    • Work in Progress
  • I Why OKRs
    • 1. Why use OKRs?
      • 1.1 Focus
      • 1.2 Mid-term planning
      • 1.3 Test Driven OKRs
      • 1.4 Communication
      • 1.5 Warning
      • 1.6 Summary
    • 2. Strategy is more important in agile
      • 2.1 Agile makes strategy more important
      • 2.2 Opportunity cost
      • 2.3 What not to do
      • 2.4 Not forgetting the technology
      • 2.5 Shared mental model
      • 2.6 Team cohesion
      • 2.7 Summary
    • 3. A little OKR history
  • II Writing OKRs
    • 4. Outcome, value, benefit
      • 4.1 Benefit
      • 4.2 Value
      • 4.3 Nature of value
      • 4.4 Outcomes not to-dos
      • 4.5 Summary
    • 5. What is value?
    • 6. Writing OKRs
      • 6.1 Team setting
      • 6.2 Limited number
      • 6.3 Priority
      • 6.4 Effort
      • 6.5 Trouble with pre-work
      • 6.6 When to set
    • 7. Objectives
      • 7.1 Background analysis
      • 7.2 Value
      • 7.3 Obvious value
      • 7.4 Wide objectives
      • 7.5 Feature factories
      • 7.6 One for the team
      • 7.7 Testing trouble
    • 8. Key results
      • 8.1 Example
      • 8.2 Test driven
      • 8.3 Binary or analogue?
      • 8.4 Summary
    • 9. Key result tricks
      • 9.1 Experiments
      • 9.2 Time-boxed
      • 9.3 Survey
      • 9.4 Knowing when to stop
      • 9.5 Summary
  • III Working with OKRs
    • 10. OKRs and The Backlog TODO
    • 11. Organizing for OKRs TODO
    • 12. Executing against OKRs TODO
    • 13. Joining up OKRs and other planning TODO
    • 14. Measuring OKRs TODO
  • IV Problems with OKRs
    • 15. Aspirations
      • 15.1 Utility mode
      • 15.2 Creating aspirations?
      • 15.3 Leaders and culture
      • 15.4 An OKRs adoption route
      • 15.5 Exercise: Where are you?
      • 15.6 Summary
    • 16. Pitfalls TODO
    • 17. Culture TODO
    • 18. Finally
    • About this book
    • Version history
  • Notes

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