Relationship Hacks
Relationship Hacks
Relationship Hacks

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Last updated on 2013-04-19

About the Book

You might both be geeks, living in some kind of geek paradise collecting Star Wars figurines and comic books and doing scene by scene reenactments of Lord of the Rings. But more likely only one of you is. It is these relationships that are so tricky and that's why my wife and I decided to write this book. These are concrete techniques that we've applied to our (now 12+ year) marriage that were fundamental to our success.

Table of Contents (We'll likely add more)

  • Introduction — Why this book?
  • The Marriage Mission Statement — Why did we do this?
  • The Rule Book — Setting Expectations for Reasonable People
  • Marriage first, kids second - Setting real priorities.
  • Communications — Positioning your ego and your relationship
  • Resentment — It kills relationships and how to avoid it.
  • The Allowance System — Let’s not fight about money
  • It’s Daddy Day! — You each need a cave and that’s OK.
  • Respecting the WAF — The Wife (or Spouse) Acceptance Factor
  • Finding Work-life balance — Get stuff done and play with the kids.
  • Honesty matters — Sharing passwords and more
  • Scheduling Life - Fitting it all in and making time for yourself
  • Appendix - Tools and Products we recommend for a Happy Relationship

About the Author

Scott and Mo Hanselman
Scott and Mo Hanselman

Scott and Mo have been married for a very long time. Mo is a well-balanced, well-educated thoughtful person with an advanced degree who always sends a thoughtful note and a thank you card. Scott is a programmer.

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