Towards Next Practice Enterprise Architecture
Towards Next Practice Enterprise Architecture
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Towards Next Practice Enterprise Architecture

Last updated on 2019-02-25

About the Book

About the Author

Richard Veryard
Richard Veryard

Richard works for Reply SpA, which is a European technology consultancy. Most of his writings date from an earlier period spent as an independent industry analyst and researcher.

Read his architecture blog at

Table of Contents

    • Preface
      • Purpose of book
      • Structure of book
      • Shoulders of giants
      • Acknowledgements
      • Version Notes
      • Links
  • Thesis
    • Introduction
      • What is EA (Enterprise Architecture)?
      • What is ST (Systems Thinking)?
      • On the unreliability of labels
      • An encounter between Enterprise Architecture (EA) and System Thinking (ST)
      • Satiable curtiosity
    • EA Background
      • EA agenda
      • EA History
      • Body of Knowledge
      • EA Schools and Doctrines
      • EA Theory
      • EA Issues
      • EA future
    • ST Background
      • ST History
      • ST Schools
      • We Ought to Know the Difference
      • ST Theory
    • Concepts and Claims
      • System
      • Enterprise AS system
      • Openness
      • Models and Modelling
      • Complexity
      • Determinism
      • Cybernetics
      • Sovereignty
      • Architecture and Abstraction
      • Pluralism
      • Shearing Layers
      • Self-reference
      • Emergence
      • Articulation
      • Layering
      • Boundary Perimeter Edge
      • Maturity
    • Comparing and Contrasting EA and ST
      • Imagination
      • On Hard and Soft Systems in Technology
      • Stance
  • Antithesis
    • Critique
      • Pitfalls and misconceptions
      • From Sedimented Principles to Enabling Prejudices
      • Modernism
      • EA Value Proposition
      • Emergent Dysfunction
      • Anti-Fragile
      • Architecture and Logic
      • Reality
      • Perspective in Depth
      • Understanding an instrument
      • How progressive are EA and ST?
      • Mutual Evaluation
    • General background
      • Preliminary remarks on practice
      • Developing a practice
      • Preliminary Remarks on Theory
      • The Nature and Nurture of Engineering
      • Methodologies and Frameworks
  • Synthesis
      • Hybrid Thinking
      • Combining and converging EA with ST
      • Theoretical convergence
      • Structure, Strategy and Execution
      • Design for Regulation
      • Stories
      • Consilience
    • Towards Next Practice EA
      • Why do we need next practice?
      • Agenda
      • Post-modernism
    • New Elements
      • Lenscraft
      • Asymmetric design
      • Emergent Architecture
      • Meeting in the Middle - the New Architecture
      • Organic architecture
      • From Pace Layering to Panarchitecture
      • VPEC-T
    • Next Action
  • Appendixes
    • Glossary
    • References
      • Recommended Reading
      • Other References
      • Topic-Specific Sources
    • Sage Kings and Queens
    • Out of Scope
      • Research programme
      • Third-Order Requirements Engineering
      • Aristotle’s Ten Categories of Being
  • Notes

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