Max for Live Ultimate Zen… by Julien Bayle [PDF/iPad/Kindle]
Max for Live Ultimate Zen Guide
Max for Live Ultimate Zen Guide
Max for Live Ultimate Zen Guide

Last updated on 2013-12-05

About the Book

What you get is an unusually lucid look at how Max lives inside Live – how it integrates with what Live can do. That makes it essential reading for anyone wanting to tinker with Live and make it their own. From there (see the Table of Contents below), it moves into MIDI and audio, effects and instruments, making it an effective bridge to a more in-depth education in Max or patching in general. - Peter Kirn / CDM Blogs

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  • mastering all Max for Live concepts

  • understand and use the Live Object Model

  • create your own instruments and sound generators

  • create your own MIDI and audio FX

  • create your own custom interface with control & feedback

  • use javascript to handle Live API

Sometimes, total number of pages seems to vary => Just because I changed the global paper size of the book => I NEVER REMOVE parts !

This book is a translation into English of Le Guide Ultime et Zen de Max for Live which was originally written in français.

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About the Author

Julien Bayle
Julien Bayle

I’m an artist working at the crossroads of sounds & visuals & data.

You can visit:

I'm an Ableton Certified Trainer providing courses about Ableton Live, but Max for Live and more.

About the Contributors

Mark Towers
Mark Towers

Expert Reviewer, Ableton Certified Trainer, Sound design teacher at Leicester, UK

Mark is an Ableton Certified Trainer from the UK, he runs a Foundation Degree in Creative Sound Technology at Leicester College/De Montfort University, and teaches Ableton, Sound Design and Programming with Max 6 and Max for Live. Mark also specialises in Electronic Music Composition & Performance.

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