Max for Live Ultimate Zen Guide
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Max for Live Ultimate Zen Guide

Become a Max for Live Master and discover a new way of using Ableton Live

About the Book

What you get is an unusually lucid look at how Max lives inside Live – how it integrates with what Live can do. That makes it essential reading for anyone wanting to tinker with Live and make it their own. From there (see the Table of Contents below), it moves into MIDI and audio, effects and instruments, making it an effective bridge to a more in-depth education in Max or patching in general. - Peter Kirn / CDM Blogs

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  • mastering all Max for Live concepts

  • understand and use the Live Object Model

  • create your own instruments and sound generators

  • create your own MIDI and audio FX

  • create your own custom interface with control & feedback

  • use javascript to handle Live API

Sometimes, total number of pages seems to vary => Just because I changed the global paper size of the book => I NEVER REMOVE parts !

This book is a translation into English of Le Guide Ultime et Zen de Max for Live which was originally written in Français.

About the Author

Julien Bayle
Julien Bayle

Julien Bayle is a multidisciplinary and independent artist based in France and working at the juncture of sound & visual. He merges visual art, music composition, physical approach of sound art and data visualization by creating advanced programmed installations and audio/visual live performances.He tries to address the question of disrupted continuum, interferences and representation of concepts by using physics of sound and error/artifact magnification.

His work is based on both experimentations and programming, using concepts of time expansion & contraction as main guidelines. His interests for all microsound and granular synthesis expand his work and open a new way of including field recording and previously designed sound into his own practices. He seeks to depict a world saturated by meaningless informations , societies complexity through a positive-nihilist kind of deconstruction of processes, structures and results.

He performed his audio-visual live performances in international festivals like ELEKTRA in Canada, or sound:frame in Austria and exhibited his work in galleries in Europe. He’s also a art teacher and he provides advanced technical courses about the place of technology in new media creation, invited by different art schools in Europe.

He's an Ableton Certified Trainer and Max MSP programmer expert. He also speaks and read C++ & OpenFrameworks, Java & Processing, Arduino & Physical Computing.

He co-leads the Bordille Records art label with François Larini, works closely with & records for Canadian imprint Yatra Arts and was selected artist of SHAPE Network during 2016.

In 2017, he founds and launches vøid label for editing and publishing all his new works.

This same year, he also officially founds his own studio.

In 2020, he founds STRUCTURE VOID, for teachning Ableton Live, Max for Live, Max MSP and doing consultancy.

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About the Contributors

Mark Towers
Mark Towers

Expert Reviewer, Ableton Certified Trainer, Sound design teacher at Leicester, UK

Mark is an Ableton Certified Trainer from the UK, he runs a Foundation Degree in Creative Sound Technology at Leicester College/De Montfort University, and teaches Ableton, Sound Design and Programming with Max 6 and Max for Live. Mark also specialises in Electronic Music Composition & Performance.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • About
  • About the review & edit of the book
  • FAQ
    • Version
    • This guide is not
    • This guide is
    • If you find a mistake or a typo in this guide
    • If you would like to find out about courses on Ableton Live, Max6
  • 1 Max for Live Basics
    • 1.1 What ?
    • 1.2 Ableton Live Basics
    • 1.3 Max for Live specific objects
  • 2 Live Object Model
    • 2.1 What is LOM ?
    • 2.2 LOM’s Objects
    • 2.3 How to read the documentation
    • 2.4 Children, Properties & functions
    • 2.5 Path, ID & navigation
    • 2.6 One shot request with get and live.object
    • 2.7 Observing properties in Live with
    • 2.8 Calling objects’ functions with live.object
    • 2.9 Changing properties’ values by using set & live.object
    • 2.10 Controlling continuous parameters in Live with live.remote~
    • 2.11 List and use objects’ children
    • 2.12 live.thisdevice tool
    • 2.13 Mode Preview & performances
  • 3 JavaScript in Max for Live
    • 3.1 How to use Javascript in Max for Live ?
    • 3.2 Controlling Live API through JavaScript
  • 4 Creating your own Max for Live devices
    • 4.1 preset & pattr
    • 4.2 Freezing Max for Live’s devices
    • 4.3 Presentation mode
    • 4.4 Limitations of Max for Live compared to Max
    • 4.5 MIDI & audio specific objects for Live connection
    • 4.6 An example of MIDI instrument
    • 4.7 Example of a sound generator
    • 4.8 MIDI FX example
    • 4.9 Audio FX example
  • Conclusions & perspectives

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