Zen Here and Now
Zen Here and Now
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Zen Here and Now

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Completed on 2018-09-08

About the Book

The purpose of this book is to be a practical guide of Zen Meditation for people who want to learn and practise it. Zazen, which is Zen Meditation, it is an experience, a practise, so this book focus on it. The content of the book is about Zazen learnings and practise from my Zen beginner’s experience in the last few years. The instructions, details and tips for Zen meditation are important to help you to learn and practise Zazen.

About the Author

Dionatan Moura
Dionatan Moura

Dionatan Moura is a pilgrim, book writer, agile coach, software craftsworker, and coordinator of agile communities. Working since 2006 in software development, started on agile methods in 2009. Since then, agile and software craftsmanship is at his heart. He signed the Agile Manifesto in July of 2009 and the Manifesto for Software Craftsmanship in 2014. In his journey on mindfulness, coaching, neuro-linguistic programming, spirituality, Zen and Taoism, he discovered the most important thing in agile coaching is to believe that every person has the potential to achieve everything they wish in life.

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Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • 1. Introduction
    • Zen meditation here and now
  • 2. Zen meditation
    • Zazen
    • Starting now Zen meditation
    • Advancing Zen meditation
    • Posture for Zen meditation
    • Mind for Zen meditation
  • 3. Keeping meditation
    • Creating a meditation routine
    • Having a specific place for meditation
    • Bringing the Zen mind to our everyday life
    • Having meditation as a basic need
    • Finding a Zen centre
    • Talking with other meditators
    • Having a Zen teacher
    • Attending Zen retreats
  • Appendix. The Science of Mind
    • Scientifically-validated reasons to meditate
    • Human brain, the mind’s physiology
  • References

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