Your First Swift App
Your First Swift App
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Your First Swift App

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Completed on 2016-02-10

About the Book

Ever wanted to write an iOS app? Interested in Swift? Didn't know where to start? This book is for you. 

This isn't like other books – we dive right into writing apps, as quickly as possible. We don't worry too much about syntax right away because we know that you'll pick it up as we go along. The concepts are what matters.

You'll be guided through the entire application development process: creating your first Xcode project, laying out your app's user interface, writing code to make your app functional, localizing the app for mutlitple languages, and submitting your app to the App Store. 

This book presents everything you need to know to build and submit your first app.

About the Author

Ash Furrow
Ash Furrow

Ash Furrow is a Canadian iOS developer and author, currently working at Artsy. He has published four books, built many apps, and is a contributor to the open source community. On his blog, he writes about a range of topics, from interesting programming to explorations of analogue film photography. 

About the Contributors

Jeffrey Sambells
Jeffrey Sambells

Technical Editor

Table of Contents

  • Preface
    • A Swift Update
    • Source Code
    • Contributors
  • Chapter 1: Introduction
    • Xcode
    • Basic Project
    • App Delegate
    • Storyboard
    • View Controller
    • Other Files
  • Chapter 2: Views and Storyboards
    • View Hierarchies
    • Autoresizing
    • Target-Action
    • Outlets
  • Chapter 3: View Controllers
    • Model-View-Controller
    • Models
    • UIViewController
    • Storyboards Revisited
    • View Controllers as Containers
    • UINavigationController
    • Push Segues
    • Modal Segues
  • Chapter 4: UITableView
    • Cell Reuse
    • Protocols: Why and How
    • UITableViewDataSource and UITableViewDelegate
    • Refactoring
    • Adding Interactivity
    • UICollectionView
  • Chapter 5: Interactivity
    • NSTimer
    • Control Events
    • Target-Action
    • Background Modes & Refactoring
    • Local Notifications
  • Chapter 6: Key-Value Observation
    • Keys
    • Observer Registration
    • KVO in Practice
  • Chapter 7: Memory Management
    • Object Graph
    • Strong vs. Weak References
    • Cocoa Conventions
    • Memory Management in Practice
  • Chapter 8: Application Design
    • Human Interface Guidelines
    • Icon Design
    • Application Visual Design
    • Tint Colour
    • Previewing
    • Launch Images
  • Chapter 9: Localization
    • Localizing Storyboards
    • Localizing Code
    • Getting Translations
    • Accessibility
  • Chapter 10: Core Data
    • Setting Up a Core Data Stack
    • Defining a Core Data Schema
    • Creating Default Objects
    • NSFetchedResultsController
  • Chapter 11: App Submission
    • Creating an Account
    • Running on a Device
    • Submitting to the Store

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