Writing for Data Scientists
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Writing for Data Scientists

How to build a career writing about data science and machine learning

About the Book

I earned $300 for my first paid data science and machine learning article. I get paid between $250 and $500 for each data science article I write. In this ebook, I'll show you how you too, can earn while writing about data science and machine learning.

  • You have been learning about data science and machine learning
  • You want to start writing to build a personal brand in data science
  • You have or are yet to put out at least one piece of content
  • You have no idea where to start
  • You don't know which topics to write about
  • You are wondering which publications you should submit your work to
  • Apart from building a brand, you also want to be paid to write
  • You want to create data science and machine learning content as a freelancer, contractor, or in a full-time role
  • Maybe you are already blogging about data science but wondering where and how to get paid jobs
  • Or how to monetize your data science and machine learning content
  • If you identify with any of the above, keep reading ?

What You'll Get

You will get an ebook that shows you how to move from writing free data science articles to getting paid up to $500 per article. The ebook covers everything you need to know about writing in the data science and machine learning space from my 5+ years of experience.


✍️ How to write about data science: We'll start with why you should consider writingWhen you know how writing about data science and machine learning can change your life, you will be more motivated to dive in. Next, I'll show you how to write about data science and machine learning. What should you write about? You must create more writing samples to keep growing and getting more jobs. I'll show you ways of generating and validating data science article ideas.

?‍♂️How to deal with rejection when you start writing: You will get some rejections when looking for data science writing jobs. How do you get past them until you get a job that pays? In this chapter, I explore some strategies that have worked for me.

? How to make a full-time income writing about data science: Can you make a full-time income writing about data science and machine learning? In this chapter, we do some math to see how to make it possible. I'll also show you how to monetize your data science content apart from being paid to write.

? SEO for data science writers: Getting your data science and machine learning articles seen is crucial. Understand the techniques I have used to get my articles on the first page of Google.

? Where to find writing jobs: Where are the machine learning and data science writing jobs? In this chapter, I share strategies that have helped me get a consistent flow of data science writing work. Understand how you can leverage your data science articles to get full-time roles such as developer advocate or developer relations.

? Promoting your work: You can't only rely on SEO to promote your data science articles. in this chapter, I share the techniques and channels I use to share my data science and machine learning blog posts.

? Writing templates: In this section, I share templates that have worked for me, including Upwork sample proposals, LinkedIn notes and messages, and email templates. I also walk through real examples of writing a data science topic, from getting a topic, researching, creating the code, writing the outline, and drafting the article

Praise for Derrick's work

Here are some messages I have received on LinkedIn. Imagine how you will feel when you start getting positive feedback on your writing. Let me teach you how!

"Nice article here! I'm the main contributor to the Neuraxle library." Software Senior Principal Developer

"Hi Derrick, I run into your useful post about data science learning paths, a fascinating topic I am trying to grasp and learn at the moment. I would like to have you part of my LinkedIn network and follow your posts. Thank you and have a great day" IT HR Roadmap Lead

"love your article on neptune about tensorboard! we are trying to integrate tensorboard with kubeflow and your tutorial was a great help" Machine Learning Engineer

"Great articles and content! Cheers" Associate Manager, Statistical Genetics

"Howdy! I don't think I have met anyone else who is a data scientist and a writer. It's nice to meet you. Have a spiffy day" Data Scientist

"Hey Derrick, I have just started exploring technical writing. Your expertise in the field of writing can really help me a lot. I would be more than grateful to have a productive conversation with you." Senior Engineer

"Dear Derrick. Thank you very much for your article on Python decorators, it was very useful for me. It is very well explained and the examples displayed show the concepts with simplicity. If it's ok with you I'd like to share this comment in Linkedin as well. Once again thank you" Network Architect

"I have read some of your articles on neptune and I've learned a lot from them. Writing is something that has been quite tricky for me, and I was wondering if you could mentor me, also since I am about starting a career in AI" Research Intern

"Hi Derrick, I found your article about Random Forest Regression on Neptune AI and found it very useful - thanks!" Data Scientist

"I found on the web your article that predicts employee turnover — it is brilliantly written. Very clear and easy to understand. Thank you for writing it" Senior Human Resources Analyst

"Hi Derrick, I found your articles really insightful and informative. I am also a freelance writer for neptune." Python Developer

"Hi Derrick, I read your Model Distillation blog post on Medium and found it really interesting. Thanks for sharing! Would love to connect." Staff Machine Learning Engineer

"Hi Derrick, I read your article in 'Towards Data Science' on blogging about data science. It was really helpful, ignited a spark in me to start blogging and contribute to this community. I'll be glad to connect with you and read more of your writings!" Data Science Specialist

"Saw an article that you wrote on Medium and wanted to connect to follow what you are doing with Data Science now and in the future. Thanks!" Senior Software Engineer

"Hi Derrick, I enjoyed your article on Neptune on Image Segmentation tips from Kaggle ! Would like to keep in touch" Associate Director of Applied Machine Learning

"You picked a good topic with your article "Best of Machine Learning in 2019: Reddit Edition". I want to add you to my LinkedIn network." Financial Services Analyst

"Hello Derrick,Came across your writing on towards data science. I'd like to connect with you to learn and be in your network. " Data Scientist

"Hi Derrick--read your blog on activation functions and would be grateful to connect to you." Chief Data Scientist

"Hello Derick, I am a junior data scientist, I would like to connect with relevant people. BTW, I came across you when I read your column in Medium about "blogging about Data Science" which is really helpful. Nice to meet you!" Aeronautical QA Engineer

"Thank you for a great article on the style transfer. I have some ideas regarding the practical application of this technology." Senior Software Engineer

"Derrick, great piece on predicting Employee Retention Using Keras and TensorFlow. I'm learning Python and having a lot of fun with this!" Director of People Strategy & Analytics

"Hi Derrick Was reading your articles on medium , really loved them . would like to connect" Head Of AI & Innovations

"Hi Derrick I read your lstm writeup on KD website. Very clear and one of the easiest to understand!" Equity analyst

"Thanks for the connect. I learnt a great deal from one of your articles on Medium, on Recommender Systems. Great read!" Data Scientist

"I found this article is so AMAZING, I think that is of great value to our Chinese readers, may I ask would you mind if I translate it into Chinese and reach our readers? Of course, the Chinese edition will add the URL and title of the original, if our readers need, then can back here by clicking the link!" Editor of InfoQ China

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About the Author

Derrick Mwiti
Derrick Mwiti

Derrick Mwiti is a Data Scientist with expertise in machine learning, data analytics, and visualization. He enjoys working with data to derive meaningful insights that help business executives in decision making. He is an alumnus of the prestigious Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology(MEST). Derrick is an avid contributor to the data science community. He does so by contributing to popular data science publications such as KDnuggets, Heartbeat, and Datacamp just to mention a few. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Computer Science from Multimedia University.

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