Working With Forge Servers
Working With Forge Servers
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Working With Forge Servers

This book is 100% complete

Completed on 2017-09-05

About the Book

What the Book aims to cover :

  • All the stupid stuff that I didn't know when I started working with Linux servers.
  • How to properly setup your laravel project in github so that it works in Forge.
  • Stuff like "How do I restart mysql, nginx, postgres, etc"
  • Stuff like "I see postgress is running, but I don't use it, how do I stop it."
  • Stuff like "There's no swap file on my VM, how do I get one?"
  • Stuff like "Where the heck are the log files so I can see what's hitting my website.
  • And more! (Check out the table of contents using the [table of contents] link above and to the left.)

The book is roughly 50 pages as a PDF (Technically it's 63 pages, but there's a table of contents, forward etc..)

  • Jack

About the Author


Jack Fruh - You've heard his voice on the Laravel News Podcast, now read his words (And likely the words of others who are much smarter and more experienced than he!)

Table of Contents

  • Book status
  • Overview of this book.
  • Part 1 - Before your first server
  • Chapter 1.1 - Git Your Code on Forge.
    • The rules:
    • The example:
  • Part 2 Using Forge Servers
  • Chapter 2.1 - Finding Stuff
    • Using the ‘find’ command
    • Finding an executable in your path.
    • Finding config files
  • Chapter 2.2 - Various paths
    • Ubuntu
    • Laravel
    • fail2ban
    • nginx
    • Postgres
    • Maria DB / MySQL
    • MySQL/MariaDB
  • Chapter 2.3 - Updating the path
    • Background
    • Path convenience
    • Path confusion: when there is more than one version of the same program on your system
    • Troubleshooting path issues.
    • How to update the path.
    • Seeing the current path
    • Editing the path
  • Chapter 2.4 - Restarting stuff.
    • To Restart mysql
    • To Restart mariaDB
    • To Restart postgres
    • To Restart Apache
    • To Restart Nginx:
    • To Restart the PHP loader for Nginx:
    • To Restart the server
    • To Restart fail2ban
  • Chapter 2.5 - Using Databases
    • Databases on Forge.
    • Creating a database on your DB server.
    • Other DB stuff
    • How to load a SQL dump file into a new Mysql DB
    • To restore a SQL dump from Sequel Pro:
  • Chapter 2.6 - Keeping the server up to date:
    • To update the update system: sudo apt-get update
    • To update the server: sudo apt-get upgrade
  • Chapter 2.7 - Backups
    • Ottomatik
    • SPATIE Backup (open source)
    • Backing up to Dropbox is the smartest thing ever.
  • Chapter 2.8 - Scheduling
    • Overview of the Laravel Scheduler
    • Steps to enable scheduled tasks for a forge server.
  • Chapter 2.9 - Adding a swap file to low memory Virtual Machines.
    • Overview
    • Steps to add a swapfile
  • Chapter 2.10 - Removing an unused Postgres database
    • Why remove Postgres
    • Removing posrgres
  • Chapter 2.11 Connecting to your server with SSH.
  • Chapter 2.12 - When things go wrong.
    • Tips & Commands for troubleshooting
  • Part 3 Bonus
  • Chapter 3.1 - Fixing Valet or MAMP Errors
    • Errors that happen in production that don’t show up in your Development environment
    • Notes on mysql/maria db:
  • Chapter 3.2 - Fixing Composer update permissions issues.
    • Background
    • tempting/easy fix:
    • possibly ‘better’ fix.
  • Chapter 3.3 Case Insensitive Change Directory Command
    • Background:
    • Steps to enable Case Insensitive CD mode:
  • Chapter 3.4 - Webmin as a mouse driven alternative
    • Another way
    • What is Webmin?
    • Installing in Forge
    • Opening up port 10000
    • Accessing Webmin for the First Time
    • Install NGINX Module
    • Correct PostgreSQL Config File Location
  • Chapter 4.0 - References and Links
  • Notes

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