WordPress DevOps
WordPress DevOps
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WordPress DevOps

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Completed on 2015-09-29

About the Book

This book is aimed at technical people that for some reason or another want to build more advanced applications, or just a standard web site for that matter, on top of WordPress. If you want to get a taste for what type of content to expect, I suggest you head on over to my website and check out the blog posts about WordPress development. http://erik.torgesta.com/category/wordpress/ If that content is useful, you will find that the book goes even deeper into the same type of issues and has lots more code sampels.

Most of the content is aimed at software developers rather than IT operations with the ambition to explain and educate so that the resulting software product is suitable for automated deployments. So it's much more a Dev book than an Ops book.

Having said that, I think it offers some understanding of WordPress that may benefit more than just developers.

About the Author

Erik Torsner
Erik Torsner

I've been in thet software industy since 1996 and have experience from working with software development in everything from startups to multi national enterprises. Working as a solopreneur within Web development for the past 3 years with a growing focus on WordPress and WordPress related projects.

Spare time is divided between family, dog and race car driving.

Table of Contents

  • Copyright
  • 1. About this book
    • Why use WordPress for this?
    • Who should read this?
    • Conventions used in this book
    • Code used in this book
  • 2. Building blocks for our environment
  • 3. Going to work, putting the parts together
    • Installing all the tools
    • Vagrant
    • Git
    • Creating a remote git repository
    • Setting up Vagrant
    • Testing the Vagrant environment
    • Setting up Grunt
    • Installing WordPress using Grunt
  • 4. Creating a skeleton application
    • The theme
    • The plugin
    • Activating the theme and the plugin
  • 5. Bootstrapping content
    • The problem with WordPress content
    • A possible solution to handling WordPress contents
    • A two part solution
    • Configuring WP-CFM
    • Configuring Bootstrap
    • Some thoughts on this content strategy
  • 6. Building on top of WordPress
    • Getting started with Restrict Content Pro
    • More plumbing
    • Pages
    • Menus
    • More Restrict Content Pro settings
    • Status check
    • Adding more features
    • Google Analytics
    • Sending external emails with Mandrill
  • 7. Deployment
    • Why we do it like we do it
    • The different environments
    • Creating the Development environment
    • Creating the Test environment
    • Creating the staging environment
    • Setting up a Staging environment on Digital Ocean
    • Setting up a Staging environment on a Vagrant box
    • Creating the Production environment
    • Rocketeer
    • Installing Rocketeer
    • Configure Rocketeer
    • Running Rocketeer the first time
    • Running the first deployment
    • Next steps
  • 8. Using composer with WordPress
    • Using composer with WordPress
    • Benefits of using Composer
  • 9. Testing your code with PHPUnit
    • PHPUnit configuration file
    • Writing the first test
    • Enabling Code coverage
  • 10. A development process
    • What we didn’t cover
    • …and now?
  • Appendix 1. Standard options
    • Additional notes:

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