Wholehearted by Osbert Lancaster [Leanpub PDF/iPad/Kindle]

Last updated on 2016-04-14

About the Book

As a facilitator and consultant with a long experience of working with organisations and groups promoting change for ecological sustainability and social justice,  I’ve seen the power of simple models to help people develop and apply ‘theories of change’ and ‘theories of action’ that work for them.

A good model provides people with a new way of seeing the world, an understanding of how change happens, insight into where they can be most effective, and a common language to discuss their situation, goals and approach. Such models also form the basis for practical tools and activities the group can apply in their work.

In this book I draw on a number of models and approaches that I and others have found useful over the years, and weave them together to present what is evolving into a wholehearted approach to change. They include: Common Cause, grounded in social psychology; Three Horizons, drawing on systems thinking; ISM (Individual Social & Material) which synthesises elements of social psychology, behavioural economics and the sociology of practice; and Fundamental Human Needs, from development economics.  

Designed for individuals, groups and organisations seeking positive change in a range of areas including social justice, equality, sustainability, climate change etc, this book offers clear guidance on using the wholehearted approach to inform your work and enhance you impact. It includes:

• engaging participative, experiential activities to develop a shared understanding and language within groups and organisations and with their stakeholders;

• inspiring examples and case studies drawn from different sectors illustrating change at different scales and in different contexts;

• background on the origin and development of the underlying models along with references and links for those seeking more detail.

The book is a companion for my training programme of the same name. Participants in that programme said:

"The programme took us on a journey. By introducing us to the theory and models, which attempt to explain change, we were then able to apply these and devise coping strategies for our own work/practice/life. In doing so we are able to look at the world through different eyes, from a different lens, and ultimately effect change within ourselves and others around us."

“I thought this was a great programme and exactly the type of strategic thinking we all need to integrate into our work if we want to bring about real change.”

“I got a lot out of understanding what our place is in whatever system or institution we are a part of, and how change can be consequently communicated at different levels.”

“For me learning about how to use the frameworks was incredibly helpful. I especially liked the three horizons and values wheel tools.”

About the Author

Osbert Lancaster
Osbert Lancaster

Osbert believes new approaches, rooted in a sense of creative connection with others and the rest of nature, are essential for our communities, organisations and society to flourish. His training and advice supports people, groups and organisations to be more effective at promoting, supporting and bringing about change for good. He draws on 20 years of working with inspiring thinkers and innovators in government agencies, community groups, businesses, universities and NGOs.

Osbert is an Honorary Fellow at the School of Geosciences, University of Edinburgh and was previously member of the Scottish Government’s Climate Challenge Fund, and WWF Scotland’s Advisory Council. He is lead author, for the Scottish Government of Shifting Normal: How to design projects that change things for the better, a guide for community groups to maximise their success when planning, carrying out and reviewing their activities.

His work has been recognised by UNESCO for its contribution to education for sustainability, and described by a participant as "one of the best things I’ve done in personal and professional development".


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