What Mom Forgot to Tell You about Remote and Freelance Work
What Mom Forgot to Tell You about Remote and Freelance Work
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What Mom Forgot to Tell You about Remote and Freelance Work

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Completed on 2016-09-29

About the Book

There is a great deal of very wonderful advice out there about how to get started as a freelancing consultant, increase your rates, and find clients, but a big gap in teaching practical steps in "stabilizing" your business and client load and making this type of career an enjoyable, stress-free (or at least, "stress-reduced") one.

These essays will ask things like:

  • What's your "remoteness" rating?
  • What's your "independence" rating?
  • What's your "expert" rating?
  • How do you deal with cyclical downtimes?
  • How do you keep your client thrilled they found you?

Knowing the answers to these questions will tell us where and how to strengthen our business, so we're never left looking at an empty calendar wondering where the next paycheck will come from.

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About the Author

Jeffrey Madsen
Jeffrey Madsen

Jeff Madsen is a Badger & developer living in Japan, where he codes, does technical reviews and runs a Laravel-centric newsletter between rice-farming and Japanese lessons.

His latest blog lessons and rants can be found at http://codebyjeff.com

Table of Contents

  • This isn’t a book of answers
  • What’s your “remoteness” rating?
  • What’s your “independence” rating?
  • What’s your “expert” rating?
  • August and New Year’s, Oh, shit! (aka, Down times)
  • “I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a Hamburger today!” and other promises
  • Keeping your client happy & in the loop
  • Building a reputation through Social Media
  • Onboarding new clients - “Specs” and Estimates
  • Review your failures
  • Some final thoughts

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