Web Component Architecture… by David Shapiro [PDF/iPad/Kindle]
Web Component Architecture & Development with AngularJS
Web Component Architecture & Development with AngularJS
Web Component Architecture & Development with AngularJS

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Last updated on 2015-03-19

About the Book

In the era of the "single page" web app, the days of monolithic application development will soon be coming to an end.  Web application development will become a simple process of quickly mixing, matching, and assembling pre-built Web Components as custom HTML tags from multiple libraries and authors.  

Web development engineers will leave most of the tasks of application assembly to non-technical designers, while shifting focus towards building re-usable web components.  The W3C Web Component specs still have yet to be fully standardized and implemented, but you do not need to wait in order to get started building re-usable UI component libraries with source code organized in a way that is easily upgraded to Web Component APIs.

This book includes discussion and hands-on examples of:

  • The emerging W3C Web Component browser standards
  • Using AngularJS 1.x.x directives to create Web Component ready code
  • Browser WC polyfills and frameworks including Polymer and X-Tag
  • UI component architecture that follows best practices and patterns
  • Testing, tooling, build automation, and continuous delivery for UI component libraries
  • Techniques for creating custom html tags for UX designers
  • Transforming component directives into real Web Components with angular-custom-element

About the Author

David Shapiro
David Shapiro

David Shapiro has been writing applications for the web since the days of Perl/CGI. He has provided web development and UI architecture consulting to the non-profit and enterprise software industries since 2002. Having experienced three major technology revolutions in web development, he has developed a sense of what the next revolution in web development will be, based on current trends.  He is quite excited about Web Component APIs because web developers across the globe will be able to contribute to the vocabulary of HTML.

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