WASEC: Web Application Security for the everyday software engineer
WASEC: Web Application Security for the everyday software engineer
WASEC: Web Application Security for the everyday software engineer

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Last updated on 2018-09-14

About the Book

As software engineers, we often think of security as an afterthought: build it, then fix it later.

Truth is, knowing a few simple browser features can save you countless of hours banging your head against a security vulnerability reported by a user. This book is a solid read that aims to save you days learning about security fundamentals for Web applications, and provide you a concise and condensed idea of everything you should be aware of when developing on the Web from a security standpoint.

Don't understand prepared statements very well? Can't think of a good way to make sure that if your CDN gets compromised your users aren't affected? Still adding CSRF tokens to every form around? Then this book will definitely help you get a better understanding of how to build strong, secure Web applications made to last.

Security is often an afterthought because we don't understand how simple measures can improve our application's defense by multiple orders of magnitude, so let's learn it together.

About the Author

Alessandro Nadalin
Alessandro Nadalin

Alessandro Nadalin (who likes to go by "Alex"), is a seasoned technical leader who pays a lot of attention to enterprise patterns, methodologies, communities and (everyone’s) personal development: with 10 years of experience on his back, he heavily focused his attention towards agile practices, patterns of enterprise application architecture, leading mid-sized development teams and managing complexity in distributed systems.

A forward-thinker by nature, he still loves to get his hands dirty with code, or testing new platforms: he's am quite active on github and, from time to time, blogs in his own little place on the internet.

Currently in Dubai, where he works as CTO @ Namshi, a Rocket Internet venture, he leads the engineering team in developing a distributed, stateless microservice-based architecture. He spends most of his time trying to innovate the stack with tools like Docker or React Native, taming the implicit complexity of a large scale distributed system and helping his teammates adopt new tools, practices and patterns they have never used before, like 12-factor apps, containers or ChatOps.

He's been involved in projects for governments, mainstream companies such as Samsung or Nissan and pioneered the technology scene of e-commerce platforms in the Middle East: when not working, you can find him speaking at some conference, blogging or grabbing a bite in the old side of Dubai.

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