Vue.js 2 Basics
Vue.js 2 Basics
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Vue.js 2 Basics

Last updated on 2017-05-17

About the Book

Become a Black Belt Vue Ninja in this book. You will earn a belt for each chapter you complete. There are 9 quick chapters to help you learn the basics. You will start off by earning your white belt and then finish off by earning your black belt in the final chapter.

This book is a fun read to help you learn the basics of Vue including how to install Vue, the syntax, data-binding, loops, events, components, and much more.

Take a look at the chapter breakdown:

  1. White Belt Training - Installing Vue.js
  2. Yellow Belt Training - The Vue Instance
  3. Orange Belt Training - Syntax & Data Binding
  4. Green Belt Training - Form Input Binding
  5. Blue Belt Training - Watchers & Computed Properties
  6. Purple Belt Training - Conditionals
  7. Brown Belt Training - Loops
  8. Red Belt Training - Events & Methods
  9. Black Belt Training - Components

What're you waiting for? Let's begin your training and learn this awesome framework.

About the Author

Tony Lea
Tony Lea

My name is Tony and I'm a developer & designer in San Diego, California. I work with an amazing team near the beach called The Control Group and I have many side projects including:

Most of my projects are built with the awesome Laravel Framework.

I have 2 beautiful daughters, an amazing wife, and a great life. Besides writing and learning new things, I also love to watch football, drink beer, and hack on fun projects!

Table of Contents

  • Welcome
  • Thanks
  • Introduction
  • 01 - White Belt - Installing Vue.js
  • 02 - Yellow Belt - The Vue Instance
  • 3 - Orange Belt - Syntax & Data Binding
  • 4 - Green Belt - Form Input Binding
  • 5 - Blue Belt - Watchers & Computed Properties
  • 6 - Purple Belt - Conditionals
  • 7 - Brown Belt - Loops
  • 8 - Red Belt - Events & Methods
  • 9 - Black Belt - Components
  • Thanks for Reading

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