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Writing With Vim

Writing With Vim

Do you use Vim? Do you write? Would you like to combine the two to use Vim for writing?
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About the Book

I have been using Vim for writing for a few years now, and would like to share my favorite tips, tricks, and configuration settings in a book for you. In a fantastic feat of dogfooding, I'll be writing the book using Vim, which will clearly be useful and entertaining.

Here are some topics that which might interest you:

  • how to set up Vim to enable smooth writing
  • the best keyboard shortcuts for editing and navigating prose (not the same as programming keys!)
  • how to set up your spellchecker
  • how to automatically correct typos
  • great plugins to enhance your writing experience

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Table of Contents

  • 1. Introduction
    • Prerequisites / Assumptions
    • Philosophy of Using Vim For Writing
    • Typeface Conventions
    • Vim Conventions
    • Learning More
  • 2. Setting Up Vim to Enable Smooth Writing
    • Your .vimrc
    • Set nocompatible
    • Your Vim writing function
    • Reducing distractions
  • 3. Viewing and Writing Files
    • No-wrap
    • Soft-wrap
    • Hard-wrap
    • Converting files between hard and soft wrapping
    • Useful hard-wrap functionality
    • Using maximum screen real-estate
  • 4. Useful Keyboard Shortcuts
    • General movement
    • Seeing more context
    • Folding
    • Fast cursor movement
    • Words
    • Text objects
    • Joining paragraphs
    • Indicating visual whitespace
    • Highlighting multiple spaces between sentences
  • 5. Introduction to Plugins
    • What are plugins?
    • Managing your plugins
    • Pathogen setup
    • Getting, updating, and removing plugins
    • Useful plugins
    • Distraction-free writing
    • Autocomplete
  • 6. Spotting and Fixing Mistakes
    • Spell checking
    • Getting spelling corrections
    • Automatically correcting mistakes
    • Other languages
    • Using multiple languages
    • Checking your grammar
    • Editing and Proofreading
    • Finding text
    • Replacing text
    • Complex replacing
    • Digraphs
    • Better digraphs
    • Helpful remappings
    • Counting Words
    • Finding synonyms
  • 7. Types of Writing
    • Markdown
    • Syntax highlighting
    • Setting up a publishing workflow
  • 8. Appendices
    • Attribution

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