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Last updated on 2018-02-01

About the Book

This novel is set in the Upsun universe, ​which follows the feats and escapades of George the Earth-born alien, ​his human and alien associates, and his children.

About the Author

Allegra Sloman
Allegra Sloman

Allegra Rivett Sloman is a Vancouver, BC blogger, humorist, baker and singer songwriter. She blogs at and posts songs on YouTube to Allegra1958. Her hobbies include sneaking songs about science into church services, making biscotti, collecting and making steampunk jewellery and costumes and corrupting the aged. She occasionally hosts musical evenings, loves to harmonize, feed people, and give advice that nobody takes and make predictions she never writes down so she can't be called out on her accuracy. She is currently going steady with Otto, her octave mandolin.

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