UML - ERP Workshop with Enterprise Architect - Writing a Business Requirement Document
UML - ERP Workshop with Enterprise Architect - Writing a Business Requirement Document
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UML - ERP Workshop with Enterprise Architect - Writing a Business Requirement Document

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Completed on 2018-07-01

About the Book

Zeta Pro has been in the market for more than 15 years, is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system developed originally for the DOS platform in the 90's in a procedural language and later transferred and developed in an Object Oriented Programming (OOP) language for the Windows platform, using UML diagrams.

As UML evangelists have decided to show the world the system, Zeta Pro, I have designed and help developed in UML diagrams.

This book is for Business Analyst who will learn how to create a Business Requirement Document (BRD), revealing all the insider business processes and business rules of how we created each and every module of this system. Including Use Cases and Activity Diagrams needed to create the application, and the requirements that we originally wrote to capture and develop the application.

It is also for the Technical Analyst who will learn how to create a Technical Design Document (TDD). It shows the tables and indexes (Primary and Foreign keys) needed to run the application, and what classes to create in a Class Diagram to develop the application in any OOP (Object Oriented Programming) language, showing how each class interacts with other classes in a Sequence Diagram.

These open venues for Software Developers, for those who are learning how to develop or for those who have been doing this quite some time, to create a complete application from beginning to end.

Zeta Pro ™ is so large, that we will release this workshop as a series of volumes. Each module will have two volumes, a BRD and a TDD. Also for those readers who wants to see the Zeta Pro ™ system in action and for comparison to follow the diagrams with the eBook, I will give you a single user license for 180 days (6 moths) FREE.

We are planning to publish in the following order (which might change slightly):

  • Inventory Control - BRD
  • Inventory Control - TDD
  • Asset Management - BRD
  • Asset Management - TDD

About the Author

Jose F Zouain
Jose F Zouain

José F Zouain has been an UML evangelist since 1999, and is an Enterprise Architect guru. He is an Independent Consultant with over twenty (20) years of experience in multiple phases of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), including managing advance programming, system maintenance and problem determination, where he has fulfilled a number of roles.

About the Contributors

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