Umbraco Secrets Revealed
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Umbraco Secrets Revealed

About the Book

You Are A Legend! If you are thinking of buying this book then first, thank you it means a lot to me! I Need Your Help!

Writing a book is tough. With Umbraco Secrets exposed I want to provide a guide that will tell you everything that you need to know about building, launching, and maintaining a website built using Umbraco 8.

This book is still a work in progress. If you have followed my website, used any of my code, and would like to read a book on Umbraco 8 then please consider supporting me by buying this book and keeping me motivated to write it. So far a lot of legends have brought an alpha-copy so thanks to them.

I will explain what you will learn below, but first, let me explain why I would really appreciate you supporting me in writing this book.

  1. The minimum price to purchase this is $4.99 a price of a coffee. When the book is finished the price will go up so buying now not only helps keep me motivated but you get a bargain.
  2. The knowledge in this book has taken me 18 years to learn. Why spend years waiting to learn something when you can take a shortcut
  3. If you buy a copy you can tell me what you want to be included and I will add information based on readers feedback
  4. The book will be updated weekly - if you buy a copy tick the get updates checkbox, you will get an email when the book is updated and what is included
  5. Even though the book is in Alpha, you will get instant access to 60 pages of the book. Which covers lots of tips and tricks. The book will help you in its current format on your project.

This book is at the very early stages and I would estimate be finished in June 2021.

## Book

1. Opening

    2. Book Contents

2. Installing Umbraco

    2. Installation Process Explained

    3. Structuring Your Solution

    4. How To Upgrade To Umbraco 8

    5. Exercises and Further Reading

3. Create a Basic Webpage

    2. IPublishedContent

    3. Model First Explained

    4. Route Hijacking

    5. View Models


    7. Exercises and Further Reading

4. Querying Umbraco For Data

    2. Querying The Page Hierarchy

        1. Children

        2. Descendants

        3. Siblings

        4. Ancestors

    3. IUmbracoContextFactory

    6. Exercises and Further Reading

5. Creating The Site Furniture

    2. Where To Store Global Settings?

    3. Composers and Components

    3. The Master Layout

    4. The Header And Footer

    5. Exercises and Further Reading

6. Property Editors

    2. Content & Rich-text

    3. Markdown

    4. Grids

    5. Grid Layout + DTGE

    6. Nested Content

    7. Block List Editor

    8. Exercises and Further Reading

7. Building Common Components

    2. Build An API

    3. Search

    4. Forms

    5. Sitemap.xml

    6. Breadcrumb

    7. Members - Profile section could be better

    8. Exercises and Further Reading

8. Umbraco Packages

    1. Development Accelerators

    2. Themes Reviewed

    3. How To Copy Data Between Environments - *content edition

    4. Creating A Blog

    5. Responsive Images

    6. Exercises and Further Reading

9. Request Pipeline Demystified

    2. UmbracoApplication

    3. Event Handling

    4. Routing

    5. Content Finder

    6. Logging

    7. Exercises and Further Reading

10. Multi-language And Micro-sites

    2. How To Architect A Multi-Language Within Umbraco

    3. Micro-sites

    4. Exercises and Further Reading

11. Customizing The Umbraco Backend

    2. Secure Backend Controllers

    3. Creating A Custom Backend Dashboard

    4. Content Apps

    5. Changing Where The Media Folder Is Hosted

    6. Exercises and Further Reading

12. Unit Testing and Dependency Injection

    2. Dependency Inversion Principle and Inversion Of Control

    3. Light-Inject

    4. Mocking

    5. Testing Frameworks

    6. Testing Umbraco Controllers

    7. Testing Document-Types

    8. Testing Authentication 

    9. Exercises and Further Reading

13. Caching, Performance and URL Rewriting

    2. Url Rewriting

    3. Performance

    4. Caching

    5. Exercises and Further Reading

14. Site Maintenance

    2. Release Management 

    3. Debugging Production Issues  

    4. Audits

About the Author

Jon D Jones
Jon D Jones

Software Architect, Programmer and Technologist Jon Jones is founder and CEO of London-based tech firm Digital Prompt. He has been working in the field for nearly a decade, specializing in new technologies and technical solution research in the web business. A passionate blogger by heart , speaker & consultant from England.. always on the hunt for the next challenge

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