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Trello Dojo

Wield Trello to slay waste and effortlessly manage any project or process

About the Book

Trello Dojo is the unofficial Trello guide that has given readers tons of time-saving tricks and tips for using the amazing organize-anything service.  Whether you're a sales person looking to create a sales pipeline, a college student studying for a killer art history exam, trying to plan your financial future, or just planning your grocery list, Trello Dojo gives you guidance and sample boards that you can copy and use today to make the most of Trello. You'll learn how to use Trello to find a job or hire great employees, how to send text messages to your boards, and even how to automatically add cards to your board every time a bill goes to the president.  Finally, you'll learn how to visualize your boards with rich charts and reports, or even on a big screen to share progress and motivate teams within your organization.  Whether you're new to Trello, or a Kanban maniac, Trello Dojo is sure to teach you how to make amazing boards that save you time and money today.

About the Author

Daniel Root
Daniel Root

Daniel is a software developer, father of two fun kids, husband of one patient wife, fly fisher of many large fish, occasional artist, and Trello fan. He blogs and posts paintings at

Table of Contents

  • About This Book
    • Word to the Pirates
  • Say Hello to Trello
    • Nothing New Under the Sun
    • Almost Anything Could Use a Good List or Three
    • A Lot of Value for Not a Lot of Effort (or Money!)
    • Define Your Terms
  • Zero to Trello in 60 Seconds
    • Signing up: 0-10 Seconds
    • First board: 11-12 Seconds
    • First card: 13-20 Seconds
    • First list: 20-25 Seconds
    • Second Board: 25-45 Seconds
    • Checklists: 45-50 Seconds
    • Labels: 50-60 Seconds
    • Floor It
  • Trello in Depth
    • More About Boards
    • About the Sidebar
    • More About Cards
    • More About Lists
    • Teams
    • Search
    • Sharing
    • Notifications
    • Trello Gold
    • Business Class
    • Power Ups
  • Trello Enterprise
  • Search For the Win
    • Save Your Searches
    • Build Search-Based Workflows
  • Become a Trello Ninja
    • Be Aware of your Surroundings
    • Be Everywhere At Once
    • Know your Enemy
    • Focus on Your Goals
    • Wield Your Weapons Wisely
    • Add 50 Cards in Seconds
    • Don’t Spare Your Change
    • Less is More
    • Level Up
    • Take out the Trash
    • Reach for the Clouds
    • Slash Your Links
    • Improve Your Outlook
    • Wait, Wait
    • Quit Pushing
    • Know When NOT to Use Trello
    • A Word about Security
    • Notify Only If You Need
    • Time is Relative
    • Put Your Money Where Your Cards Are
    • Due Dates Aren’t For Everything
    • Bookmarklet Makes it Better
    • Email into Trello
    • If You Can’t Beat Them, Join Them
    • Cast Cards with CloudMagic
    • Put up a Good Front
    • Bring on the Bots
    • If This, Then Trello
    • Go Trellomatic
    • Get in the Flow
    • Even More Trello Automation
    • Pay Some Attention to the Man Behind The Curtain
    • Hire a Nerd
    • Take it to The Big Screen
    • It’s Trellos all the Way Down
    • Using Templates
  • Visualizing Trello
    • Calendar View
    • Trello Printer
    • Ganttify
    • Numerics
    • TacoApp
    • Ollert
    • WebsitesForTrello
    • Reports for Trello
    • Dojo Board
  • The Templates Begin
  • Trello In The Home
    • Solo Trello:Personal Task List
    • Trello Weekly: A 7 Day Planner
    • Debt-free Trello
    • Trello Domestico: Family Status Board
    • Jell-O Trello: Keep a Grocery List
    • Recipe Board
    • Gobbleo Trello
    • Trellomotive: A Car Maintenance Schedule
    • Trello Niño - Name Your Baby
    • Trello Acapulco: Vacation
    • The Next Big Trello Card
    • A Trello Garden
  • Trello Goes To School
    • Duo Trello: A Group Project
    • Trello No-Doze: Study Better
    • Plan Your School Year
    • PTA, Meet PTB (Parent Trello Board)
  • Trello In The Office
    • Land a Job
    • Trello Head Hunting: Job Candidate Tracking
    • Hello Trello: New Employee Onboarding
    • Quatro Trello: Small Team Status Board
    • Trello Dinero: Sales Pipeline
    • Bean Counting: A Trello Inventory Board
    • Warehouse Trello:Manage Deliveries and Pickups
    • Shifty Trello: Shift Log Checklists
    • Blogo Trello: Organize a Blog
  • Trellofy Software Development
    • Scrum with Trello
    • One Man Shops and Small Teams
    • Focus on Deliverables
    • App Development
    • Resource Boards
    • Poor Man’s Helpdesk
  • Trello For Real Estate
    • Evaluate Investment Properties
    • Apt Trello: Manage Rental Property
    • Buy a house
    • Sell your house
    • Build a house
  • Trello vs Trello: Trello in the Law Office
    • Client Matters Board
    • Legislative Review
    • House of Trello Cards
  • A Big Visible Trello Board
    • Pick a Spot
    • Select a Screen
    • Add a Web Browser
    • Browse to Something Cool
    • Use an App
    • Roll-your-own
  • Exit, Trello Dojo
  • Appendix : All of The Templates in One Place

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