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Toy Robot
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Toy Robot

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Completed on 2018-03-30

About the Book

The Toy Robot exercise was originally developed by Jon Eaves. He explains why he did it in this blog post.

If you're a new Ruby developer who's gone through some basic Ruby tutorials and you're looking for the next thing to build your skills, this book is a great start. It covers the Toy Robot exercise from start to finish, testing with RSpec along the way.

The Toy Robot exercise is commonly used in interviews as the ways to solve it in any language are not as simple as they first may seem. This book covers one implementation of this exercise in Ruby. It is not intended to be the most perfect implementation of the Toy Robot exercise possible, but instead is my personal take on it.

The Toy What Now?

The Toy Robot! It's a very common interview exercise given to new programmers. Here's the variant of the problem's description that we use in the book:

The application is a simulation of a toy robot moving on a square tabletop, of dimensions 5 units x 5 units. There are no other obstructions on the table surface. The robot is free to roam around the surface of the table. Any movement that would result in the robot falling from the table is prevented, however further valid movement commands are still allowed.

The application reads a file using a name passed in the command line, the following commands are valid:

  • MOVE
  • LEFT

Here's some rules for these commands:

  • PLACE will put the toy robot on the table in position X,Y and facing NORTH, SOUTH, EAST or WEST.
  • The origin (0,0) is the SOUTH WEST most corner.
  • All commands are ignored until a valid PLACE is made.
  • MOVE will move the toy robot one unit forward in the direction it is currently facing.
  • LEFT and RIGHT rotates the robot 90 degrees in the specified direction without changing the position of the robot.
  • REPORT announces the X,Y and F of the robot.

The file is assumed to have ASCII encoding. It is assumed that the PLACE command has only one space, that is PLACE 1, 2, NORTH is an invalid command. All commands must be in upcase, all lower and mixed case commands will be ignored.


All of that may seem a little bit overwhelming but if you break it down into little chunks and tackle those chunks one-at-a-time (like this book does!) it becomes much easier.

About the Author

Ryan Bigg
Ryan Bigg

Ryan Bigg won a Ruby Hero Award in 2011 for his work on documentation within the Ruby on Rails community, including work on several of the official Ruby on Rails guides, and his first book Rails 3 in Action, which is now in its second edition as Rails 4 in Action. On the Leanpub side of things, he wrote Multitenancy with Rails.

He previously worked full-time on the open-source parts of Spree Commerce as the Community Manager, but now works full-time at Culture Amp. Oh, and he is well-known on Stack Overflow for providing great answers for Ruby and Rails questions.

He even has a blog.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • The Toy Robot
    • Simplifying the problem
    • The MOVE command
    • Moving left
    • Moving north and south
    • Moving in the right direction
    • Turn left!
    • Turn right!
    • The REPORT command
    • The PLACE command
    • Reading commands
    • Running commands
    • Running the robot
    • Verifying the toy robot’s behaviour
    • Conclusion

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